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Tree Roots & Human Hair

It makes sense that what we can’t visually see in life we seem to forget about. Buying a house is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in life. Read below.

Sewer Line Tree Roots

Sewer Line Tree Roots

Major Tree Roots Retrieved From Sewer Lines

Major Tree Roots Retrieved From Sewer Lines

If your buying a new home have your realtor call a drain cleaning company like ours and have the sewer line camera inspected. Sometimes will find sewer lines that will make you consider other homes and sometimes we can help you negotiate money towards repairing your sewer line depending on it’s condition.

Depending on your sewer line you should minimally clean it once a year. Pick a time normally Spring or Fall and have your sewer line cleaned. Besides tree roots that grow inside your sewer line there are several other reasons to clean it as well. Lines also build up scale and other hard debris that sits and hardens over the course of the year. Cutting tree roots out of your sewer line is no different that getting a haircut several times a year. Once you leave your barber your hair starts to grow right then, just like when we stop cleaning your sewer line tree roots keep growing as well (even in the Winter).

Call us and schedule your main sewer line cleaning and camera inspection today. Sewer lines that have been neglected for years might even be in need of hydro water jetting. Get your sewer line cleaned and looked at before you may need excavation as well.

Winter Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is not in any means an easy job but sometimes even weather conditions make it worse.

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Our technicians work in all types of conditions. Our job is to unclog your drain and get your home or commercial building back up and running again.

Ken’s Sewer Service provides top notch drain cleaning service with the best top notch technicians.

Call 952-929-4146 for all maintenance or emergency service.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Is your main sewer clean out in a terrible spot?

Main sewer lines sometimes can be in the worst possible spots when having a clogged drain. When houses get built most the time builders don’t think about having a clogged drain to deal with. Placement of a main sewer line should be thought about ahead of time. Stack lines and front floor clean outs should be both easily accessible for cleaning/snaking.
I’ve seen basements built that have stack pipes right in the center of the basement which is great. What they didn’t plan for is that the bathroom would be around the stack and that the opening would face the wrong way.
Cleaning drains is very important. Drains do back up and there’s no way to prevent this. Chemicals is known to be terrible for the drains and pipes. More problems will occur if you use chemicals weather store bought or home made. Snaking drains is the only way to clean and push the clog out the pipe.
Ken’s Sewer Service has been working on drains and all sorts of plumbing for over 35 years. Were good at what we do!
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