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Plumbing Basics

Everyday living and breathing in the plumbing and drain cleaning business we get service request calls ranging from emergency to non emergency jobs.  Clients call us for help at there residential, commercial and industrial properties.  We have all sorts of plumbing problems that call in weather it’s a leak or a clog, big or small the call comes in. When a client has an issue arise most the time it’s an emergency and they want service as soon as possible. Over the years I’ve noticed that by just taking some time talking with a client over the phone will normally calm the situation down. Clients think that any small issue Is a big deal but when taking the time and effort to talk the problem out we normally come up with a game plan and go from there. 

Most clients we come across when buying a home don’t know much about plumbing and drain cleaning. We get lots of calls asking how to turn off the water in there home. Other common questions might be why are there drains clog or how to turn off the outside water before winter so the pipes don’t freeze. 

The number one call we receive on a daily basis is that a clients house or business had a clogged main sewer system. That they are experiencing flooding or just the beginning signs of a flood. The reason not many people know about a sewer system is because the sang “out of sight out of mind”. I’m surprised that all new homeowners aren’t made aware of their sewer system from there realtor before they buy.  Everyone prior to purchasing a house or building should have their main sewer system camera inspected by a professional.  This will show if there are major issues or not.  Main sewer lines have scale, tree roots,  back pitched pipe, and of course the offset pipe that is causing the pipe back up and come up in your basement.  

Our company also camera inspect main sewer lines on a daily basis. Weather it’s for a realtor or if we’re working on a tough main sewer line and we need to scope it then and there to see what’s happening inside the pipe.  We can then decide how serious the issue is and make a game plan from there.  Sometimes plans have to move quickly to excavating to make repairs to even get flow and to get the main line properly functioning properly again. Without a main line working all plumbing won’t flow to the city main and cause serious potential issues  

If you’ve encountered a major flood and restoration has to be done to remove sewage water we recommend having a company come out and camera inspect your main sewer line to make sure it’s in good condition so a flood doesn’t happen again. It’s never good to have a flooded basement but if it does happen it’s good to be able to count on a company that can get you pointed in the right direction. There is different types of water damage based on what category they are in. The three names are clean water, grey water and black water which is the most toxic. Black water is unsanitary as it contains bacteria and possibly cause illness. Black water normally comes from sewage back ups.

I think every homeowner should have a book or take a course and have a checklist when they first move into a home.  Having the basic knowledge about most plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, foundation structure, landscaping, yard work and more.  The more you know or knowing who to call in case of certain issues will save you money in the long run. 

Some drain cleaning issues might seem like a big deal and ends up ruining your day but honestly most problems shouldn’t ruin your day if you call a professional right from the start.  Clients who call in with a clogged toilet and have several others to use shouldn’t really be clarified as an emergency, but it just depends on the client.  On the other hand a client who calls in with raw sewage backing up in their basement that would be considered an emergency.  

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Are Gas Prices Becoming Our Worst Enemy?

Companies have never charged trip charges until recently with gas prices rocketing sky high. Service companies that come out to your home carry lots of inventory with them. These service man typically need either a truck or van to hold all of the supplies. Driving has now become an additional expense. Not just a little expense, but a major increase.

Our company still has little to no trip charges.

Other companies are charging anywhere from $25-$69.00 to just come out and determine what the problem is. They will then write up an estimate required to complete the plumbing job.

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What people need to understand is that paying $5-$10 for a company to come out on top of the work performed is fine. It’s understandable to pay for a truck to come out to your home with gas prices hitting over $4/gallon. Stay away from companies that are making a living on just coming out and saying hi. These companies will end up giving you an extremely high price to perform the work as well. When all said and done you’ll end up spending 3 times the amount our company charges.

Hire a smaller local company that has been around for over 37 years and is known for giving clients good deals.
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Why must i have a washing machine filter installed?

There a couple reasons you should install a washing machine filter on the discharge hose. There a tremendous amounts of solids being discharged through your washing machine. Hard water from our cities will especially help create solid chucks. Having a water softener can help but not 100% of the time. Having a lint filter will not eliminate a clogged drain but will definitely help. We always suggest having your floor drain cleaned every time one’s sewer line is cleaned. Most people don’t realize all the debris that really grows and hardens in the floor drain which makes for further expense in the future. Having a clean drain will not only prevent backing up during that unwanted time but also helps with unwanted smells.