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If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown…..(you finish the saying)

Over the Past several years in business our company has found some
surprising objects clogging toilets. Back in the day when toilets
flushed over three gallons of water at a time, most objects would sneak
by. Now a days being that toilet only flush around 1.5 gallons of water
most foreign items get caught up in the trap of the toilet. The only
item supposed to be flushed down the toilet is two-ply toiler paper.
Heavy toilet paper like three plus ply clogs the toilet up as well.
Some interesting items we have pulled out from toilet include: Credit
cards, wallets, tooth brushes, Toilet paper holder, jewelry, glasses,
denchers, kids toys, small travel shampoo and soap bottles, golf balls,
tennis balls, marbles, remotes, batteries, cell phones, blue tooth ear
pieces, silverware and the list goes on. When encountering a clogged
toilet don’t make the problem worse by handling it yourself. By forcing
the object down into the stack line it will just make the problem worse and cost more money out of your pocket. Call the professionals and handle the problem before is


Ever wonder what you should do while waiting for a plumber?

There are some keys points to know while waiting for a plumber. First of all you should know where your main water shut-off valve is located. Below our two pictures of an old and new style shut-off valves. Second, know where your electrical box is located to be turned off if need be. Third, if your have a flood or leak in a certain area on a specific fixture turn off the shut-off valve that goes with that fixture. If you don’t have a shut-off valve on that fixture have a plumber install one. If there is no shut-off valve located on any one fixture make sure you go turn off the main water shut off valve immediately. This won’t solve the problem but it will be the best temporary fix before the professionals arrive. Have the plumbers help you locate all the shutoff valves in your home and have some labels to make life easier in the future. We hope all this information will help you in the future and to make a stressful situation less stressed.

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