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Planning is everything. Planning to clean your sewer line for tree roots before they start to give you an issue is ideal, but we understand that most people don’t treat plumbing and drain cleaning as their top priority. Ever think to yourself when your next clogged drain will flood your house? The answer is, you’ll never know and timing a clog is almost impossible.

24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year Ken’s Sewer Service is here for you

Ken’s Sewer Service is only a phone call away

What Do We At Ken’s Sewer Service Consider An Emergency To Be?

Main Sewer Line backing-up with sewage

A toilet that is clogged and running at the same time

Running water that doesn’t stop

Gas leak smell

Ken’s Sewer Service is here for your help and address any plumbing & drain cleaning issue


Here at Ken’s Sewer Service to provide top notch plumbing and drain cleaning 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. No matter if your basement drains are flooding or your kitchen sink won’t drain our cowmpany is at your side. We understand what a plumbing emergency truly is and if we can save you money by helping you over the phone before coming out, that’s what will do. Our company will give you the best options as to repairing your plumbing peoblem. Servicing the right time to address a plumbing or drain cleaning issue is key. Some companies in town will convince you to clean drains that don’t even need cleaning or give you improper advice. Here at Ken’s Sewer Service will give you proper advice as to what drain needs cleaning and when’s the best time to clean them.

Ken’s Sewer Service is only a phone call away




If your having any sort of water leak make sure to turn your water off from the shut-off below the fixture. If you don’t have a shut-off make sure you know where your main water shut-off in your house or property is located. If your house doesn’t have a shut-off for that certain fixture hire a plumber to install one.

Rule number 2: Get all your loved ones and pets away from the flood and or sewage.

We look forward to hearing and working with you!

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Why do water leaks come on so suddenly?

Ever have a water leak happen at night or worse on a holiday weekend? Ask yourself if you have ever had a plumbing problem at the worse possible time? If you have said yes to either one the questions above please take time and read below.


When going about of owning a house remember their are problems that go wrong. Most the time owning a property is fun but their are the times were you sulk your head. In life you need to be on top of issues before they start. The next time your in your basement look around closely at your plumbing. Check out to see what color your copper pipes are. If their turning green call your local plumbing company. The next test you can do is touching and lightly squeezing on your copper pipes. If you feel that you can push through and or flatten your plumbing pipe call a plumber.
Water leaks aren’t fun to encounter and can be very costly. No matter what time a water leak starts it’s never fun. Preventing water leaks before they start is the way to address the issue.
Ken’s Sewer Service repairs all plumbing and drain cleaning. Next time your having a water leak or a drain that seems to be clogged call Ken’s Sewer Service to handle your plumbing problem.
Ken’s Sewer Service handles all plumbing and drain cleaning problems in Minneapolis St. Paul and surrounding suburbs. Our company handles broken water pipes to unclogging your main sewer line and removing tree roots from your line.
No matter what the issue Ken’s Sewer Service is here for you. Set up an appointment today before the plumbing leak comes about.

Plumbing clutter can be so inconvenient at times

This picture was taken from one of our clients homes. The red square is pointing to where the main sewer stack line goes. The clean-out to access this drain line is at the bottom of the pipe. This client has no floor clean-out in the home and we would have to remove the water heater just to clean the sewer line if they were to ever clog up. In this situation a floor clean out should be installed or an outside clean out should in installed. We suggested this be done before the line backs-up and to have the line inspected with camera technology. Talk about cluttered and inconvenient.
Call Ken’s Sewer Service for any of your plumbing or drain cleaning needs.
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Rule Number one, Inspect

There are several reasons to check the home your about to purchase before closing the deal. Many people buy homes without knowing the key factors about the house itself. Some key point to know about before buying are: Where the water meter is located, are there proper shut-off valves to turn of the water off in the entire home, where the main sewer line clean out is located, how far is your sewer line until tapping in to the city’s main, where your electrical box is, what type of water and drain pipes does your home have, example lead, copper, galvanized, pex etc. Take time to read the article below and make sure you have several questions answered before buying a home. If you have any concerns about plumbing before buying a home please call us at 952-929-4146