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Are you wasting good hard earned money?

This happens without you even knowing how much your spending. Try and use the proper toilet paper for your toilet. Some toilets and sewer systems aren’t strong enough to push all the thicker toilet paper to the city sewer. If your debris you put down your toilet doesn’t make it to the city sewer you’ll have more clogged drains more frequently. Ask yourself do you really want clogged drains?

Are you wasting good money?

Are you wasting good money?

Also, make sure you clean out your sewer system yearly to the city sewer line. Besides tree roots that grow in our sewer drain line, there is much more that accumulates in your sewer line and hardens. If you have a low dipped lie this is also a reason to properly clean your sewer system yearly.

Replacing A Laundry Faucet

One of our clients had a huge water bill and for the life of them they could never figure out why. By replacing their drippy laundry tub faucet we saved them hundreds of dollars on their next water bill. Running toilets, sinks, tubs or outside hose bibs can create not only a waste of water but a huge city water bill.
If you notice your water bill is higher then normal call Ken’s Sewer Service.

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Stop paying unnecessary bills.
If you notice any leaky faucets or running toilets call a plumber today. Stop Spending your money foolishly.