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Stubborn Old Floor Drains get you thinking…

Why do floor drains clog?
Why do floor drains start to run slow?
Why do floor drains not drain properly?
Why have I been living in my house for years and now we have issues?
Why? Why? Why?

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Floor Drain Clogged

Floor Drain Clogged

Why do floor drains clog? well, why do we get sick? Why do we have to repair our vehicles? Why does anything happen?

Floor drains are subject for maintenance and repair just like anything else. You think just cause you can’t see something underground it should be perfect? Well think twice about that. Underground is a whole other world of broken pipes that we typically find out the hard way. You might ask yourself when? But, it’s not “when” it’s when your least expecting it and then your house floods and your in a panic.

Why do floor drains start to run slow?

Do you use your kitchen sink? Do you use your laundry tubs and washing machine? Does food, grease, lint, build-up and all other sorts of gunk get down your drains? Do bugs live in your drains? Does scum just grow? Do drain lines clog themselves?

If you’re using your kitchen sink from time to time, no matter how careful you may be, your drains will clog. It’s one of the inevitable’s of life. Just like we can’t stop the aging process no matter what we do. As for your laundry, there is so much soap, lint, detergent and dirt going down your drains constantly. Which clog you floor drains and any other drains in it’s path.

Why do floor drains not drain properly?
Once some debris gets down your drains, build up will start happening instantly. All it takes is one bend in the pipe to get clogged up partially.

Why have I been living in my house for years and just now we start having issues?
Clogged drains have nothing to do with why haven’t they clogged before. Pipes move and shift all the time especially as they age and as the ground settles over a period of time.

If you have any other questions with your plumbing and or drain cleaning please call us today so we can guide you and possibly help get your drains flowing again quickly and in a timely manner.

Chemical Drain Openers?

Chemical drain openers aren’t good for any plumbing pipes. No matter what type of plumbing pipes as shown below this is what can happen if you choose to use chemical down your drains.

Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe Broke Due To Chemicals

Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe Broke Due To Chemicals

Taking the cheap way out normally ends up costing more in the long run. Don’t wait, hire a plumbing professional today!

Were only a phone call away!

Main Sewer Line Clean-Out Cover

Every property has a sewer line clean out in their home to bring waste to the city main sewer line. If your not familiar with where this would be, it’s smart to ask a plumber where this is before your in panic time and actually having a back up. When a property starts to flood sometimes it can be because your main sewer line is clogged. Several reason below as to way a sewer line gets clogged up.

Main Sewer Line Clean Out Access

Main Sewer Line Clean Out Access

Main sewer lines can get obstructed and or clogged for several reasons. One being caused by tree roots that get through your line weather its clay, cast iron, or plastic. No matter what roots grows with water and tree roots will find their way to a water source. Another, reasons sewer lines can clogged is from foreign products that get flushed or accidentally put down drains. Just because products say there are “flushable or septic tank safe” doesn’t mean they should be flushed. Our company is here for you when you clog your own sewer line and these days we also have camera technology to view your sewer line and see the condition it’s in.

Sewer lines can be repaired meaning excavated if necessary but this is at last resort. Before digging up a broken line you must be 100% sure it needs to be repaired. Lots of times properties have horrible access’s or small clean-outs to properly even clean their sewer main line. After a company cleans your sewer line they can camera it and see the condition and pitch the line is in. If the camera shows that a repair is needed then that the time to install an outside clean out to properly be able to clean in the future. Weather your line needs snaking or jetting to clean the line outside is where the mess should be.

No matter the reason your drains get clogged Ken’s Sewer Service is only a call away.

Sewer cleaning is very strenuous on your back

Sewer cleaning is not an easy job in any way. Working in small tight spaces with over sized equipment isn’t easy, and puts a number on the body. Leave sewer and drain cleaning to the pro’s with the right equipment.

Ken’s Sewer Service sells professional drain equipment to many companies around town.


Toilet Stack Plumbing Line

The picture below is a sewer stack line that toilet waste goes down.

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toilet sweep that freezes

toilet sweep that freezes

The issue with the picture above is that the area around the stack pipe in the winter kept freezing. What they decided was to fill it the area with insulation and maybe even get a space heater out there when it’s cold out and temperatures drop. If that doesn’t work then the plumbers will have to move the location of the pipes.

Plumbing isn’t always down perfectly. Sometimes in homes your limited as to where water lines or drain lines can go. Though plumbers can run water and drain lines anywhere it may not be affordable to do it that way. Plumbers can give you several options for your budget. For example a client wanted to install a floor drain near their water heater cause they just experienced a routed out bottom of their water heater and flooded their basement floor and carpet. The only issue was that the closet floor drain to tie into was 40ft away. Digging a trench and hooking this pipe up can be down but the price was a bit higher then he though it would be by every company he asked.

Call Ken’s Sewer Service today to get bids on jobs and to get your drain lines cleared out before they clog. Having a flood in your basement doesn’t just smell but it can ruin a lot of precious family items. Be smart and call Ken’s Sewer Service today for all your emergency and non-emergency plumbing and drain cleaning problems. Serving the entire Minneapolis & St. Paul area including the surrounding suburbs. Our prices are fair and affordable for everyone’s budget.

We look forward to hearing and working with you.

Are there tree roots inside your sewer line?

No one wants to deal with clogged sewer lines. To prevent having an unexpected sewer line back up it’s important to clean your sewer line yearly. Roots continually grow and never stop. To maintain tree roots hire a professional drain cleaning company to clean out your sewer system.

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