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Is your floor drain in danger?

I’ll start of my saying stay up to date with cleaning all your drain but especially your floor drain and main sewer line. Keep in mind never use any chemicals to open your drain lines, unless your looking for future unexpected hefty expense. It could cost a thousand or more to replace a broken floor drain depending on how far you have to connect and chase pipe.


If your experiencing a slow or clogged floor drain call us today and schedule your appointment to clear your drain clog.

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Going back to school?

Going back to school for some may be a stress, but for others it’s like the “red carpet for kids” I’ve been told. Being able to choose new notebooks, pens, markers, and everything in between is a lot of fun for kids. Summer is ending and that means Fall is around the corner. While your thinking about going back to school look at the picture below and then keep reading.

Sanitary Main Sewer Line Tree Roots

Sanitary Main Sewer Line Tree Roots

Having a backed up sewer line during a busy time isn’t fun, and trust me having it anytime is a headache, a mess, and could be pricey at times. In the picture above shows major tree root growth in sewer line that wasn’t cleaned in four years. Having less tree root growth is better, which means you have to keep up on cleaning your sanitary main sewer line.

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Wordless Wednesday!

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