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Changing Toilets

Toilets have changed gallon they flush in the last several years. Older toilet are better for not getting clogged due to more water flushing. Less water flushing simply equals more chance of clogged a toilet. Low flow toilets don’t just clog up your toilet more but it also can clog branch drain lines and sanitary main sewer lines. The reason is simply, they flush less water.

low flushing toilet

low flushing toilet

What can you do to make sure your low flow toilet doesn’t clog as often. Number one you might have to flush a couple times while in the bathroom. Number two, use less toilet paper, and lastly use thinner toilet paper. Clients who own cabins and are on septic tanks use septic safe toilet paper. I’ve been in lots of cabins that also use low flow toilets. If you are one that ends up clogging your toilet often and you find yourself plunging time after time maybe consider buying and investing in a power flush toilet. The toilet flushes less water but uses power behind it and give it a boost.

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Wordless Wednesday!

wordless wednesday

Is your faucet sick?

Make sure you treat your faucet the way you would treat yourself or loved one.

Ken’s Sewer Service can help you with any plumbing or drain cleaning repair you need done.

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When your faucet isn’t turning off that means you need help. Dripping faucets can add up and cost you a lot of money. Get it fixed ASAP and don’t let a water leak ruin your home. Remember that leaking faucets can turn into leaky supply lines and ruin your personal belongings. Water is fun to play around in but not when it’s flooding your home. Make the necessary repairs you need on your plumbing.

Wordless Wednesday!

Troubleshooting is key when talking about plumbing

Troubleshooting is so important when talking about plumbing.
Why must you ask?

In the large world of plumbing there are so many ways to complete a job but sometimes there is only one proper way. When trying to unclog a main sewer line there a several ways to go about it but some methods our easier then others. I don’t feel the need to give away any secrets but over the past year alone we have saved several clients from excavating their yards. When I refer to the word “excavation” I imply that our company alone has saved many of our clients THOUSANDS of dollars.

When any company comes out to your home or office building to clean your main sewer line if there unsuccessful ALWAYS get a 2nd opinion from a different company before resulting to excavation. Hire a plumber that a family member or friend refers you to. Never rush into hiring a plumber.

When your having no plumbing problems that is the proper time to search for a reliable plumber or future work.

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