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Happy National Night Out

When getting together with neighbors remember to talk about all the service companies that you use. Don’t let your neighbor get stuck using the wrong service company. I know if I just moved into a new area I’d be grateful to know the good business’s from the bad. Meaning honesty, loyalty, and fair pricing for work completed.

Have fun and enjoy the night with good people.

National Night Out

National Night Out

History of plumbing

Wonder where the history of plumbing came from? Read the article and enjoy.
Call Ken’s Sewer Service for any plumbing drain or sewer problem.

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leaking appliances

If your washing machine, dishwasher, garbage disposal or any other appliance
appears to have sprung a leak you must get it repaired ASAP. Sometimes a partially-clogged drain can cause an overflow within the appliance. If the drain is
clear, consult the appropriate appliance repair person. When replacing an appliance like a water soften or garbage disposal sometimes the cost of the repair is more then replacing the entire unit. Be smart when it comes to spending money. Call Ken’s Sewer Service a company that has been around since 1974. We pride each and every one of our clients.

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When buying a toilet…

There are several questions to research before purchasing a toilet. Find out the following:
One-piece vs. two-piece?
Elongated vs. Round?
Standard vs. Right Height?
10”, 12”,14” rough in?
Wax, wax with flange, wax-free gasket?

Shopping for toilets should be exciting. Take your time and once you have purchased your toilet call Ken’s Sewer Service to install and handle the rest.

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If anyone has any suggestions about which toilet to buy or any funny stories please feel free to share.