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Massive Tree Roots


From time to time to catch a great view of what tree roots look like in a sewer line. As you can tell in the picture above these tree roots fully took over the sewer line. When this happens the only way to remove them is to excavate which isn’t a cheap process. It takes a team of good technicians and expensive equipment to solve these types of problems. Once we remove the tree roots depending on how much work needs to be done with the sewer line to get it up to par and functioning properly we recommend cleaning your sewer line yearly.

If you see this image please pass along to a friend so they have the chance to clean and camera inspect their sewer line before they get into this problem.

Tree roots aren’t your friend and they only can harm you’re sewer line.

Retrieving objects that don’t belong in sewer drain lines

This week our company went where no company went before. A commercial restaurant called for main sewer line cleaning and we ended up finding a cover top from a screw bottle in the main sewer line. With several technicians on site it took several hours to figure out how to retrieve this part from the sewer line, but if all else fails excavation will be the next step. With over 100ft sewer line the issue was in the first 5ft. We started off by cleaning the line with traditional drain cleaning equipment which means we clean with snakes ad blades. Once we opened the sewer line we flushed the only toilet in the restaurant (which is only used by the employees) with toilet paper and the drain line clogged and backed up right away. With a long bellied out sewer line sometimes the issue is later in the line but we knew this was much closer to the actual clean out. After opening up the line for a second time and getting drainage the decision was that we’d have to camera inspect the line to see if we could see a visual obstruction in the drain line before proceeding.

Once the camera was inserted into the sewer line and the water cleared from cloudy to semi-clear we saw an object shaped like a circle cover of some sorts. Our company ended up having to pull a toilet and several other clean-outs some of which no one knew about and eventually finding a way to pull out this foreign object from the main sewer line. Otherwise high pressure water jetting could have been a 3rd option before excavation.

The restaurant staff and owner we’re thrilled to hear that we retrieved this object and that no excavation and thousands of dollars would have to be spent. Our company works very hard each and every day to help out thousands of clients each year. It’s hard to understand sometimes that sewer & drain cleaning is a very hard and strain on one’s body but if it were easy everyone would do it.

This is just another story in our journey of many to come!

Got Roots?

Weather your a new or veteran home owner tree roots like below should never be in your sewer line.

This is what our company pulls out of clients sewer lines everyday

Tree roots are poison for your sewer system and you want to hire a professional company to get rid of whatever roots are in your sewer line (depending on the current condition of your line). Cleaning a line is the first step but to determine the condition of the sewer line a camera will have to be put through your line. A camera will show if more cleaning is needed or if you’ll need to set up a repair or in another words excavation. It’s better to know what your up against before, instead of it being a surprise later on at the most inconvenient time. Digging a sewer line isn’t cheap and during the winter months due the frost line it’s even more.

Ken’s Sewer Service has been cleaning sewer line for over 40 years and has an experienced crew with combined knowledge of over 100 years experience. We have different plumbing issues thrown at us each and every day some the same and some not.

Sewer cleaning seems like to you can hire just anyone but good luck with that. Having an experienced technician will not only save you money but will give you future advice and lead you in the right direction. All homes have older, aging sewer lines and repairs from time to time is necessary. Our job is to prolong excavation as long as possible.

New homes that are built don’t always have a new sewer system going from the house to the street. Don’t assume just because it’s a new house it’s a new sewer system. Check the permit records. To go even one step further just because you have a new sewer line doesn’t mean you can neglect cleaning it. It’s just the opposite, since you have a new sewer line this is thee time to take care of it before it does age and break. It’s not hard to clog a sewer line. All is takes is a bad bend or low spot that collects lots of debris or debris that hardens to the walls of the sewer pipe.

If your looking for advice and a good company that’s been around and plans on staying around call Ken’s Sewer Service today!

We look forward to hearing from you.