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Money down the drain and wrongly spent

Wasting such fine resources such as water adds up on your monthly statement. Ask yourself if you’ve ever received a water bill from the city and your eyes just popped out and your jaw dropped. Ken’s Sewer Service solves this type of problem on a weekly to daily basis. Next time you com across a water source that’s malfunction call us (or a plumber) right away. This past week we had a client with a water bill over $500 from the city due to having a water leak and never even thought to repair the issue.

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We strongly dislike hearing from clients about their huge water bills. Typically, easy plumbing repairs is all that’s needed. Our technicians have years of field training and are knowledgeable with any leak. Ken’s Sewer Service specializes in all sorts of plumbing and drain cleaning.
Don’t get stuck with huge water bills in the future, let’s put a stop to wasting natural resources as well.

Plumbing Flood Control For Sewer Lines

What you see below are roots on the end of a sewer cable. The reason roots puncture through your sewer line is because there in need of water. Even during years where we get plenty of water roots still grow and make there way in sewer lines. Roots don’t stop until they find on going water sources. Normally inside sewer lines water flows all day long. No matter if you have an old sewer clay pipe or new PVC pipe, roots will enter your sewer system at some point.


The only way on slowing down the process of roots entering inside your sewer system is to annually clean your sewer main line. This doesn’t mean rent a machine and do it yourself. It means hire a professional that performs this work on a daily basis and knows what needs to be done. Rented machines also don’t perform nearly as good as the ones the professionals use. Tree roots are the number one cause of shifting and collapsed pipes. Repairs made by excavation are not cheap and most diggings are due to tree root neglect.

Flood control is another huge problem for Minneapolis – St. Paul homes being their aging. By not cleaning out your drains yearly this will cause flooded basement and ruined personnel belongings. Sewers that flood in homeowners basements aren’t pretty and don’t stop until your clog drain is opened. We’ve seen horrible cases where entire basements have had to go through total remodel once the sewer system has been opened. The number one cause for sewer systems flooding are tree roots that grow within your sewer line. Homes not just in Minneapolis – St. Paul have this problem as well. Just because you’ve lived somewhere for 10 plus years and have never had a sewer line cleaned doesn’t mean your line is fine. Chances are your sewer line is in need of cleaning and you should think of getting it cleaned before you get hit with thousands of dollars of excavation costs.
Sewer lines that don’t have tree roots have scale and with hard debris that needs to be scarped out of the line. By not cleaning your sewer line it will slowing close up and excavation costs will be right around the corner.
Ken’s Sewer Service hires technicians with years of experience and are great at what they do.
Hire a plumbing and drain cleaning company that has a good reputation and is one that gets recommended by family members and friends.