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What’s growing in your sewer system?

You never know what’s inside your sewer line until you clean and camera your line.
Hire Ken’s Sewer Service for your next drain/sewer cleaning and video camera inspection.

Can washing machine clog main sewer lines?

Yes, 100% if the main line has any partial clog the amount of water from a washing machine will back up your main line and flood your floor.

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The washing machine discharges 40 gallons per load on a normal cycle of laundry. There are typically two washing cycles. Making sure your drain lines stay clean of debris is very important. Having your main sewer line cleaned on maintenance is the only way to go. Most our clients have their sewer line cleaned every 12 months. It’s better to clean any drain on maintenance before it start to slow signs of backing up. Don’t let the roots, scum, scale and all sorts of other debris ruin your pipes and shrink the circumference of you drain pipes.
Call Ken’s Sewer Service to have your line cleaned and inspected if need
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