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Unclogging a Kitchen Sink

This is a glimpse of the work our company does to unclog kitchen sinks. The machine we are using in the video is called a Ken-Way Jr.
We also sell the Ken-Way brand.
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Have you lost control of your laundry room from flooding?

Time after time we forget to clean out the drains in our homes. Leave it to Ken’s Sewer Service to remind you to clean out your laundry tubs, floor drains and main sewer lines from now on. We take care of the worries and hassles before the problem arises.

Everything from clogged drains to broken pipes Ken’s Sewer Service will take care of your problem every step of the way. Rest your mind and call us today!

Don’t worry about paying to much cause here at Ken’s Sewer Service we treat each client right cause we want your business for life. Most companies out their will charge you high dollars for a simple clogged drain. Be careful when shopping for a plumbing company. Make sure to shop for a LOCAL plumbing and drain cleaning company.

Main Sewer Lines typically clog due to tree roots and hard sludge that sits in one spot and hardens over time. Floor drains don’t just get plugged full of lint, they get plugged up with grease, foreign object, sludge, hair and everything else you pour or accidentally put down your drains mistakenly.

Call Ken’s Sewer Service today for a free quote and 10% off your next drain cleaning or plumbing repair if you refer to this blog.

Granite sinks vs. Stainless Steel sinks

The battle between buying a granite or stainless steal sink.

When beginning to shop for a stainless steel sink or a granite sink which should it be you may ask yourself? There are many fantastic and bad quality features to each type of sink. For example, granite is very dependable & durable because it comes from one large piece of stone. Every piece of stone is a unique look and is different from the next. Granite also doesn’t stain easily and of course is heat-resistant. For a long time people have been skeptical about putting granite in their kitchens cause of their fragility. But “If you know how to care for your stone sink, it will last for a hundred years.”

Stainless steel sinks on the other hand have been around for ages. We all know how durable steel sinks are and how easy they are to clean up. Stainless Steel nicely blends with many color kitchens and are affordable for everyone’s budget. Stainless steel sinks don’t chip, stain, or tarnish. Just like granite sinks they are also heat resistant. Some of the defaults are that they scratch & get dull over time and of course are only available in one color. Granite kitchen sinks also have their flaws and one biggie is they can crack and expensive to replace. Weigh in your pro’s and con’s and I know you’ll make the right decision for yourself.

Some questions to ask yourself before purchasing any type of sink is:
• Do you want a sink with a single, double or even triple bowl?
• Do you want a sink that has a soap dispenser, or a hot water dispenser, or a
filtered water dispenser?
• How do you plan to mount your sink: top mount or under mount
• Do you want a sink that is built in to your counter top?
• How deep do you need your sink to be?
• Do you want something custom?


Granite Sink
stainless steel kitchen sink

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