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When is the proper time to dig your sewer line?

This past month we have gotten three calls all inquiring bids on digging parts of their sewer line. When we receive calls like this we always suggest getting them a 2nd opinion. Each and every drain cleaner out there has their own techniques. Don’t dig until you 100% sure you have to.

Sewer lines don’t get better over time they age just like us. If a tree root has broken through the pipe eventually if not maintained yearly will break the pipe. Excavating sewer lines isn’t bad but does cost some money. Without a working sewer line you can’t live properly in your home.

Ken’s Sewer Service cleans, camera inspects and excavates sewer lines each and every week.

Pedestal Sinks

I get the question from time to time as to are pedestal sinks better then others. As a plumber right away I say “NO”. I tell them pedestal sinks are hard to clean and hard to work with. We all agree pedestal sinks looks great but are just not useful. If your installing one in your master bathroom or kids bathroom there’s absolutely no reason to do so. The only place to ever have a pedestal sink “for show” is in your front hallway bathroom.

As a plumber other bathroom sinks are more reasonable and more functional. Cabinet space is a wonderful plus to any bathroom to hide all your clutter from your company. Unclogging a regular sinks is easy cause your dealing with more space. Deep clogs in pedestal sinks will require pulling of the unit and then having to re-install it after the clog is fixed. Typically, pedestals will cost more money to buy and maintain. If the sleek look is what your after then it’s the perfect sink for your needs.

Ken’s Sewer Service installs, unclogs, and repairs all pedestal sinks.

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