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Don’t you hate when there’s no more toilet paper left?

Weather it’s in your own home a friends home or at a public restroom don’t you think it would be easy to refill the toilet paper. Most people that use the bathroom don’t check the amount of toilet paper until ready to use. I’ve been at friends houses and in public settings where toilet paper has magically diapered when I 100% saw some coming in.

So the questions I have are:
1. Why don’t we check the toilet paper amount before hand?
2. Why is it so hard for people to monitor the toilet paper amount.

Either way most the time it works out. Being in the plumbing & drain cleaning field you’d be surprised how often there is no toilet paper in bathrooms.

Ken’s Sewer Service is your one stop shop for all your plumbing and drain cleaning problems. Weather your toilet is clogged, leaking, running or your main sewer line is clogged Ken’s Sewer Service is here for you each step of the way. From the phone call that takes for 10 seconds to call to the end result you’ll be impressed. Understanding that each job is different we take care of each job the same way, with respect.

Plumbing leaks are never fun to come home to but call Ken’s Sewer Service and most the time we can help you so much just by talking to you over the phone. If you just moved into your new home just call Ken’s Sewer and we can help navigate you around your house.

Plumbing is most people’s weakness but that’s OK. Were here for you ever step of the way.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Rule Number one, Inspect

There are several reasons to check the home your about to purchase before closing the deal. Many people buy homes without knowing the key factors about the house itself. Some key point to know about before buying are: Where the water meter is located, are there proper shut-off valves to turn of the water off in the entire home, where the main sewer line clean out is located, how far is your sewer line until tapping in to the city’s main, where your electrical box is, what type of water and drain pipes does your home have, example lead, copper, galvanized, pex etc. Take time to read the article below and make sure you have several questions answered before buying a home. If you have any concerns about plumbing before buying a home please call us at 952-929-4146


Don’t waste natural water

People think that when there faucet starts to drip and a toilet start to run that maybe it will fix itself. Honestly, there wrong to think that. When i toilet start to run it’s a problem that should be address ASAP. Toilet leaks waste thousands of gallons of water and might even ruin your home. A drippy faucet adds up as well. Stop getting these high water bills from the city and get your drip address now. I sure know what I would do with the extra cash, do you?

Here are some figures:
“The average cost per gallon of water across the US is $0.002. (“In Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, AZ, tap water costs about $.001 per gallon. In Tucson, AZ, tap water costs about $0.0025 per gallon. It Pittsburgh, PA, Washington, DC, Boston, MA, and other east
coast cities, water costs around $.001. The average cost of water in
Los Angeles, California is about $0.004 per gallon.”)

That would mean 14 days X 24 hours X 60 minutes X 2 gallons = 40,320

At .002 cents per gallon, that comes to $80.64.”
“posted by Fuzzy Skinner”

Hope you enjoy!