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Drain Cleaning Specials

Save 10% your sewer cleaning!!

Drain cleaning is like any other specialty, you must have a very knowledgeable professional tackle your issue. When hiring a so called handyman that’s not a drain cleaning professional. Most cables/machines that people own aren’t strong enough and proper to clean sewer lines right. It’s important to camera your sewer line to view it and see the condition of your line. If the proper size blades don’t get all the way through your sewer line, you then know that’s a result that you need a camera inspection. The video from the camera inspection can be kept in your files and years later when you might have a sewer issue you can compare the difference between the to tapes.
Call Ken’s Sewer Service a company that has been around since 1974 and knows how to properly clean and video inspect your sewer line.
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What’s growing in your sewer system?

You never know what’s inside your sewer line until you clean and camera your line.
Hire Ken’s Sewer Service for your next drain/sewer cleaning and video camera inspection.

Wordless Wednesday!

Saving money when it comes to plumbing

There are so many ways to save money when dealing with your plumbing. Below is a great article that shows you some tricks. Let’s save some money this year.


Though I don’t agree with all of what is in the article above some are good tips.
Our company doesn’t like dual flush toilets cause we believe you don’t get enough water per flush. When buying a toilet spend some money. Toilets are used several times a day, so don’t be cheap.
Feel free to call us if you have any questions or need our plumbing services.
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Drain covers can fall down in your sewer pipe?

Yesterday we solved a problem for a client that could of cost him thousands of dollars to repair. Our company is about helping customers out with all types of plumbing and drain cleaning problems. We treat all our client fair and with 100% respect. Yesterday we had a client that had a drain cover fall into their sewer line and another company said he would have to excavate to retrieve it. Our company sent out an experienced drain technician to solve the problem. After a couple hours we retrieved the broken drain.
Call Ken’s Sewer Service for all plumbing and drain cleaning needs.
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