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Pulling tree roots from sanitary main sewer lines

Don’t excavate your main sewer line until absolutely necessary. Our company unclogs and opens several main sewer line each week savings clients from digging their sewer line.

Hire Ken’s Sewer Service before you get involved in any excavation.

Tree roots in sanitary sewer line

Tree roots in sanitary sewer line

It is time for back to school shopping?

Back to school shopping each year should be fun and exciting. If you dread going to get new clothes and school supplies it’s a bummer from the start. When going back to school, make it fun and make sure you have a check list so you don’t leave anything out.

Sewer line tree roots

Sewer line tree roots

One thing most people forget to do is cleaning their sewer lines. This summer has been an all time high for excavating main sewer lines. What homeowners need to understand is that new clothes and supplies might cost several hundred dollars depending on how many kids you have, but repairing a small section of broken sewer pipe already puts you at $2500 and up.

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Toilet Stack Plumbing Line

The picture below is a sewer stack line that toilet waste goes down.

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toilet sweep that freezes

toilet sweep that freezes

The issue with the picture above is that the area around the stack pipe in the winter kept freezing. What they decided was to fill it the area with insulation and maybe even get a space heater out there when it’s cold out and temperatures drop. If that doesn’t work then the plumbers will have to move the location of the pipes.

Plumbing isn’t always down perfectly. Sometimes in homes your limited as to where water lines or drain lines can go. Though plumbers can run water and drain lines anywhere it may not be affordable to do it that way. Plumbers can give you several options for your budget. For example a client wanted to install a floor drain near their water heater cause they just experienced a routed out bottom of their water heater and flooded their basement floor and carpet. The only issue was that the closet floor drain to tie into was 40ft away. Digging a trench and hooking this pipe up can be down but the price was a bit higher then he though it would be by every company he asked.

Call Ken’s Sewer Service today to get bids on jobs and to get your drain lines cleared out before they clog. Having a flood in your basement doesn’t just smell but it can ruin a lot of precious family items. Be smart and call Ken’s Sewer Service today for all your emergency and non-emergency plumbing and drain cleaning problems. Serving the entire Minneapolis & St. Paul area including the surrounding suburbs. Our prices are fair and affordable for everyone’s budget.

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Skipping Annual Sewer maintenance will lead to this…

Roots are one thing that won’t just go away. Even if you repair a spot in a sewer line roots will come back. By cutting down a tree, roots will still find a way back to your sewer line.
Call Ken’s Sewer Service for all plumbing and drain cleaning services.

Roots will grow up to 15 years after a tree gets cut down. Make sure you clean your sewer line yearly so roots stay small and breaks don’t happen. We can’t stop the ground from shifting but we can prevent major root growth in one’s sewer line.
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Testimonials from wonderful clients is so powerful

In this day and age most people search online for everything they are looking for. We have all purchased something online or with the help of a friend. Having our clients write us testimonials really helps show others that our company is honest and trustworthy.

We’d like to thank all our clients that have written testimonials for our company. We would also like to thank our clients that don’t have internet access and that have so thoughtfully called in and told us such kinds words about our serviceman. This year was our 1st year with online presence and we must say we’re grateful of the success it had.

Next year will your help we hope it even does better.


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