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Are there worms in your sewer system?

I know the picture below may upset your stomach but this is what’s inside your sewer line. Many animals live and eat debris from your sewer system. Getting your line cleaned yearly will prevent creatures from nesting in your personal sewer system. Keeping worms, rats and all types of animals is very important. Once an animal lives in your sewer line you can bet on them breaking though as well.

Call Ken’s Sewer today for cleaning and camera service if needed.


worms in sewer lines

Wordless Wednesday!

5 gallon bucket of thick roots. Our company pull out roots like this everyday from customers sewer lines.

Why is a bakers dozen 13? done

I’ve always wondered why a bakers dozen is thirteen instead of twelve. In the article below you can find out the interesting reasoning’s why. I hope you all learn something new.

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