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Sewer Excavation At It’s Finest

The picture below is showing a whole that was hand dug to repair a broken sewer line.

Excavation main sewer line

Excavation main sewer line

It’s never fun when a sewer line is broken and needs to be excavated but what choice do you have. Fix your plumbing pipe or not use any water. You choose.

It is time for back to school shopping?

Back to school shopping each year should be fun and exciting. If you dread going to get new clothes and school supplies it’s a bummer from the start. When going back to school, make it fun and make sure you have a check list so you don’t leave anything out.

Sewer line tree roots

Sewer line tree roots

One thing most people forget to do is cleaning their sewer lines. This summer has been an all time high for excavating main sewer lines. What homeowners need to understand is that new clothes and supplies might cost several hundred dollars depending on how many kids you have, but repairing a small section of broken sewer pipe already puts you at $2500 and up.

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How to remove tree roots from your sewer system

Almost every sewer line has one problem or another weather you are aware of the issue or not. Getting rid of tree roots is easier before any issue arises.
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We all know that trees grow roots and sometime they can get in the way of our sewer system, which ultimately can cause major headaches. Tree roots are nasty and the longer they sit in ones line the longer it takes to remove them. Major sewer root problems call for a camera inspection along side the cleaning process. Getting every strand of root is not the goal, but getting the problem areas are. Sewer lines are put together in sections which means that in every joint you can have root intrusion.
Don’t panic next time your sewer line backs up. Call the professionals ASAP and have the job done right. Drain cleaning needs to be done properly and with the right machinery. Our company see’s homeowners open up their own sewer lines with wimpy cables and blades. The rental machines don’t compare to what the professionals use. Time after time we have pulled out cables that homeowners have lost in their own sewer lines. Just like any other profession drain cleaning needs to be done the right way or major excavation costs will hit you unexpectedly.
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Root intrusion only get worse, not better.

Don’t neglect your sewer line

People tend not to know the right time to properly clean their sewer line. The answer is obvious, before you start seeing any sort of back-up. Most people aren’t thinking about their sewer line from year-to-year and only clean it when a flood starts. Well that’s entirely wrong. Once a back-up has occurred your already to late. You don’t want to get stuck paying extra for emergency service calls.

Clients that have encountered a sewage back-up in the past end up signing up for annual sewer preventative maintenance. Waiting until a back-up occur ends up taking more time and costing more. The longer you wait, the larger the tree-root growth gets.

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The number one cause of sewer line back-ups is due to tree-roots. Tree root intrusion with make their way into your sewer system and keep growing. By performing annual maintenance this will slow down the root growth process from spreading your sewer line apart. Weather you think it or not debris grows in your sewer line. Having a vacant house is even worse then living there. Daily flowing water is great for a sewer system, otherwise you have a chance that your sewer line will dry out.

Sewer lines that have roots will end up shifting your pipe apart slowly. Eventually, breaking your pipe apart.

By scheduling maintenance on your sewer line annually this will slow down the process of your pipe from collapsing. Once your pipe crushes down you’ll be forced to excavate your yard and repair that spot. This typically happens when you least expect it. The price of repairing a sewer line is costly so make sure you clean your sewer system.

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