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Snow Days for Plumbing Companies

Plumbing & drain cleaning is a very interesting field with all the different problems we come across each and every day. Clients ask us if were busier more at one time of the year then others. I think the answer is no, except for very cold winters like this one (2014). This has been an unusual winter being how cold it has been for long periods of time. Any building weather commercial, residential or industrial gets frozen pipes without knowing. It’s to hard to plan for when you might get a frozen pipe. All you can do it once you know you have one address the situation and call a local plumber you might know. The earlier you address the problem the easier it will be to repairs and get your drain flowing again. Same goes for if your water lines are frozen contact a plumber asap cause if the pipes bust you’ll have a bigger mess at hand.

Snow days for plumbing companies can be very hard and frustrating. This goes for any service company that has to come to your house to address the situation. From not having clients shoveled out and tracking through snow to having the roads move like a parking lot (which isn’t fast). Please consider when weather hits us with bad with especially snow to have your driveways and sidewalks cleared so our technicians don’t trip and injury themselves. Remember, your calling us to help you with a problem your having. Were not the bad guys, but only your rescuer.

Thanks again to all our clients that stick with us through good and bad weather.

If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown…..(you finish the saying)

Over the Past several years in business our company has found some
surprising objects clogging toilets. Back in the day when toilets
flushed over three gallons of water at a time, most objects would sneak
by. Now a days being that toilet only flush around 1.5 gallons of water
most foreign items get caught up in the trap of the toilet. The only
item supposed to be flushed down the toilet is two-ply toiler paper.
Heavy toilet paper like three plus ply clogs the toilet up as well.
Some interesting items we have pulled out from toilet include: Credit
cards, wallets, tooth brushes, Toilet paper holder, jewelry, glasses,
denchers, kids toys, small travel shampoo and soap bottles, golf balls,
tennis balls, marbles, remotes, batteries, cell phones, blue tooth ear
pieces, silverware and the list goes on. When encountering a clogged
toilet don’t make the problem worse by handling it yourself. By forcing
the object down into the stack line it will just make the problem worse and cost more money out of your pocket. Call the professionals and handle the problem before is