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Major Tree-Roots In Sewer Main Line System

When a 6 inch blades comes back with roots that means your line has been majorly neglected. Tree-roots that come back this big in the picture below and with that kind of thickness means your line hasn’t been cleaned in over 5 years and excavation costs will surprise you.

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Major Tree-Roots In Clients Sewer System

Major Tree-Roots In Clients Sewer System

If a sewer/drain cleaning company like ours gets lucky enough to open your sewer line with the amount of roots shown above feel grateful and make sure you clean your line once a year from then on. Most companies won’t spend the amount of time we do on sewer lines and will give up and either try and sell a power jetting or a digging service. If our company can’t open your line after ample amount of time it’s time to dig. Being in business since 1974 and by reading our testimonials is proof enough.

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