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This Does Happen

Keep your toilet lids shut cause we do see some critters find their way up from the sewer line.

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Wordless Wednesday!

wordless wednesday

1 Dollar 2 Dollar 3…

The start of a faucet dripping is the time to contact a plumber. We have to many calls each day with clients that say they have had a dripping or running water for weeks if not months. Last week we had a client with a water bill OVER $1,000 cause of unnecessary running water. Plumbers are in busy to help and fix problems before they worsen like this one. Ken’s Sewer Service is here to help you and get your water leak stopped and to make sure your water bills stay normal.

Toilets are another source of easily losing water and a fast rate without knowing. Any parts these days don’t last forever and should be replaced periodically. Toilets get used several times a day and the parts inside get worn out from time to time. If your smart and proactive you’ll get parts on your toilet replaced before an issue comes about. If our company (Ken’s Sewer Service) can’t service you that day you have an issue you’ll easily spend (3) three times our price. Our rates are fair and other plumbing companies aren’t. We get calls everyday from new clients saying who they’ve used before and their prices were “highway robbery”. Our prices are fair for anyone’s budget. We are lower then our competition and we know it. Remember, most important high a company that has a good reputation.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow money is hard to make and is hard earned. Don’t waste it being silly not fixing a water leak. Water leaks add up and they add up fast.

Are You Pooping Wrong?

Read this article below I found it interesting.

The Squat Toilet!

Are you pooping wrong article

Our company handles complete plumbing & drain cleaning services.

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Major Tree-Roots In Sewer Main Line System

When a 6 inch blades comes back with roots that means your line has been majorly neglected. Tree-roots that come back this big in the picture below and with that kind of thickness means your line hasn’t been cleaned in over 5 years and excavation costs will surprise you.

Call for emergency service or to set a scheduled main line cleaning

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Major Tree-Roots In Clients Sewer System

Major Tree-Roots In Clients Sewer System

If a sewer/drain cleaning company like ours gets lucky enough to open your sewer line with the amount of roots shown above feel grateful and make sure you clean your line once a year from then on. Most companies won’t spend the amount of time we do on sewer lines and will give up and either try and sell a power jetting or a digging service. If our company can’t open your line after ample amount of time it’s time to dig. Being in business since 1974 and by reading our testimonials is proof enough.

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Is your house power out & your sump pump not working?

Every year in different areas of the state or country this becomes a big problem. When power is lost and no back up generator is around flooding in your basement and home becomes a real life nightmare. When icky nasty black water comes up in your basement and doesn’t get pumped outside this becomes real life stress. Sump pumps are meant to collect ground water around your foundation and pump it out your house far enough not to come back in. Sometimes when power is lost if no generator is around there’s nothing you can do besides hope and pray.

This past year in Minneapolis when we had that flash flood with top wind speeds we saw disasters not only to one or two homes, but to hundreds. This storm didn’t only keep the tree business busy for months after but it kept plumbers busy as well. It got to the point where we had to order sump pumps from other states when MN sold out for a couple weeks.

Ken’s Sewer Service was responsive to every call we got. We greatly appreciate all the past clients that put faith in us during a time of tragedy. Thanks to all the our clients as well.

Toilet Stack Plumbing Line

The picture below is a sewer stack line that toilet waste goes down.

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toilet sweep that freezes

toilet sweep that freezes

The issue with the picture above is that the area around the stack pipe in the winter kept freezing. What they decided was to fill it the area with insulation and maybe even get a space heater out there when it’s cold out and temperatures drop. If that doesn’t work then the plumbers will have to move the location of the pipes.

Plumbing isn’t always down perfectly. Sometimes in homes your limited as to where water lines or drain lines can go. Though plumbers can run water and drain lines anywhere it may not be affordable to do it that way. Plumbers can give you several options for your budget. For example a client wanted to install a floor drain near their water heater cause they just experienced a routed out bottom of their water heater and flooded their basement floor and carpet. The only issue was that the closet floor drain to tie into was 40ft away. Digging a trench and hooking this pipe up can be down but the price was a bit higher then he though it would be by every company he asked.

Call Ken’s Sewer Service today to get bids on jobs and to get your drain lines cleared out before they clog. Having a flood in your basement doesn’t just smell but it can ruin a lot of precious family items. Be smart and call Ken’s Sewer Service today for all your emergency and non-emergency plumbing and drain cleaning problems. Serving the entire Minneapolis & St. Paul area including the surrounding suburbs. Our prices are fair and affordable for everyone’s budget.

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How to remove tree roots from your sewer system

Almost every sewer line has one problem or another weather you are aware of the issue or not. Getting rid of tree roots is easier before any issue arises.
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We all know that trees grow roots and sometime they can get in the way of our sewer system, which ultimately can cause major headaches. Tree roots are nasty and the longer they sit in ones line the longer it takes to remove them. Major sewer root problems call for a camera inspection along side the cleaning process. Getting every strand of root is not the goal, but getting the problem areas are. Sewer lines are put together in sections which means that in every joint you can have root intrusion.
Don’t panic next time your sewer line backs up. Call the professionals ASAP and have the job done right. Drain cleaning needs to be done properly and with the right machinery. Our company see’s homeowners open up their own sewer lines with wimpy cables and blades. The rental machines don’t compare to what the professionals use. Time after time we have pulled out cables that homeowners have lost in their own sewer lines. Just like any other profession drain cleaning needs to be done the right way or major excavation costs will hit you unexpectedly.
Ken’s Sewer Service is here for your help.
Root intrusion only get worse, not better.

The luxury life of a plumber

Help make your plumbing job easier and faster!

Everyone is familiar with the job and duties of a plumber. A plumber is the guy who stops leaks and installs all plumbing fixtures. Plumbers also have the knowledge to unclog any drain. People know that plumbers tend to work in dark, crowded, cluttered, tight areas. It’s not easy fitting in some spaces but we figure out a way to get the job done.

One easy way to make a plumber smile is to make sure the cabinet under your kitchen sink is friendly. Look at the pictures above, the top picture is what plumbers like to see. Plumbing in general under a kitchen sink can be confusing and isn’t always easy to deal with. Next time your going to install a kitchen cabinet for the sink make sure that wood board that runs down the middle isn’t there. Have them install it on one of the doors so when anyone is working under the sink it give them more room. By making this easier and more accessible it will first of all make the job easier and second get the job done faster which means less spend out of your pocket book.

Shakopee, MN – Plumbers For Toilet Repair

In Shakopee MN our company services may different plumbing and drain issues each and every day. From Unclogging toilet to getting those darn toilets to stop making so much noise. Our company unclogs all main drains and branch lines. Working in both commercial and residential properties. Our services our top notch and we treat each client with a fair price at the end of each service call.

Call Ken’s Sewer Service plumbing and drain cleaning company of Shakopee, MN to help out with any plumbing related issue. Were here for you every step of the way. Give us a chance at Ken’s Sewer Service today!

Unclogging drains and repairing.installing all plumbing fixtures is our specialty.

Have you ever experienced Tree-Roots in your sewer line, if so, call Ken’s Sewer Service today to get your line cleaned and viewed if you choose.

“Were here for you every step of the way”