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Ways to give back

“The report shows people that volunteer have greater longevity, higher functional ability, lower rates of depression and less incidence of heart disease.” By reading the article provided I hope it encourages each of you to take time and volunteer. At one point or another we all wish we had a volunteer in our lives.


Looks aren’t everything

Access Panel:
A removable opening in a wall or ceiling that allows you to access plumbing or electrical without hassle.

Its important to have access to all plumbing in your home. Some people don’t like the look of access panels but they can be hidden and look nice at the same time. Once the plumbing starts to have problems you have no choice but to start putting holes into your walls and ceilings to find the source of the leak. Access panels don’t always have to look hideous. Most the time access panels are hidden in closets. Here are some pictures of exposed access panels that look good. Having access to your plumbing is very important and remember looks don’t always beat practicality. Be smart when building and repairing these types of holes.

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