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Why are service companies charging such high travel fees?

While most companies have flat rate pricing you must be careful with that. While flat rate pricing may seem cheaper it’s by far not. Hiring service companies by the hour is the way you’ll end up saving hard earned money. When companies give you a flat rate that rate is gonna be much higher then the hourly priced plumbing companies.

Flat Rate = high trip charge & quote

Hourly Rate = low or no trip charge & much less priced per hour

A real example from our business. Last week a client called and inquired a free quote for installing a toilet. We quoted $150 for the first hour plus parts. The client then called two other companies that quoted the client a trip charge for $69 to come out and then the technician will give an estimate to preform the work. The other company quoted $350-1,200 to install a toilet which only includes labor. Those prices are insane and extremely high.
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