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Are you experiencing a water leak?

Are you experiencing a water leak?

Are you experiencing a water leak?

Now, I know this picture may not be your home or commercial building but believe me, this is what we see everyday when we enter into a flooded home. If you have any minor leaks get them fixed before you end up “flooded” like the swimming pool picture above.

This can easily cause water damage

It’s never a good time to have plumbing go bad. But especially not on a weekend.

Toilet shut off valve broken causing major issues

Toilet shut off valve broken causing major issues

Having a plumbing issue from time to time is acceptable but still to most find annoying and a hassle. Which is way companies like ours are around to help you from all plumbing and drain cleaning headaches you’d rather forget about. Leave the problems and headaches to the professionals that deal with it day-in and day-out . Most people don’t know plumbing, yet alone know how to repair plumbing. There are simple types of repairs and installs everyone should/could be able to do but most choose to turn their head and look far away. When it comes to old complicated old plumbing or even new designed plumbing it can get old and frustrating, quick.

Make sure you have a good plumbing company that you know and trust. Keep their number in your phone and trust that the issue will get dealt with properly.

We see so many different types of issues on a daily basis.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Emergency Water Leak

Copper 1 inch water leak

Copper 1 inch water leak

By the look for things you can tell this isn’t normal or maybe even suppose to happen. But guess again this happens each and everyday. It’s a nightmare if your plumbing isn’t updated or if you don’t have the proper shut off’s.

This issue could have been solved easily if they had a shut off that worked but instead they had to call the city at night for an emergency to shut the water off. It’s never fun to have a shower coming into your house other then through your bathtub shower head. The force of that water coming through the pipe was stronger then what comes through your shower head.

be careful and be on top of as much plumbing as you can in your home. Some things you can’t help but old neglected drains and pipes is something you should consider addressing before it’s too late.

Minneapolis MN commercial manhole sewage system

Below is a video of a manhole sewer line that our company cleaned out. As you can see in the trench at the bottom of the video the flow is fast. This is how it should look after cleaning a sewer line depending on the condition of the sewer line.

Watch this!

Sewer Excavation At It’s Finest

The picture below is showing a whole that was hand dug to repair a broken sewer line.

Excavation main sewer line

Excavation main sewer line

It’s never fun when a sewer line is broken and needs to be excavated but what choice do you have. Fix your plumbing pipe or not use any water. You choose.

Happy Father’s Day

Ken’s Sewer Service would like to wish everyone a happy father’s day.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day

Why do water leaks come on so suddenly?

Ever have a water leak happen at night or worse on a holiday weekend? Ask yourself if you have ever had a plumbing problem at the worse possible time? If you have said yes to either one the questions above please take time and read below.


When going about of owning a house remember their are problems that go wrong. Most the time owning a property is fun but their are the times were you sulk your head. In life you need to be on top of issues before they start. The next time your in your basement look around closely at your plumbing. Check out to see what color your copper pipes are. If their turning green call your local plumbing company. The next test you can do is touching and lightly squeezing on your copper pipes. If you feel that you can push through and or flatten your plumbing pipe call a plumber.
Water leaks aren’t fun to encounter and can be very costly. No matter what time a water leak starts it’s never fun. Preventing water leaks before they start is the way to address the issue.
Ken’s Sewer Service repairs all plumbing and drain cleaning. Next time your having a water leak or a drain that seems to be clogged call Ken’s Sewer Service to handle your plumbing problem.
Ken’s Sewer Service handles all plumbing and drain cleaning problems in Minneapolis St. Paul and surrounding suburbs. Our company handles broken water pipes to unclogging your main sewer line and removing tree roots from your line.
No matter what the issue Ken’s Sewer Service is here for you. Set up an appointment today before the plumbing leak comes about.

Drain covers can fall down in your sewer pipe?

Yesterday we solved a problem for a client that could of cost him thousands of dollars to repair. Our company is about helping customers out with all types of plumbing and drain cleaning problems. We treat all our client fair and with 100% respect. Yesterday we had a client that had a drain cover fall into their sewer line and another company said he would have to excavate to retrieve it. Our company sent out an experienced drain technician to solve the problem. After a couple hours we retrieved the broken drain.
Call Ken’s Sewer Service for all plumbing and drain cleaning needs.
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Top 10 ways to save money!

1. Make your own coffee
2. Bike ride in the summer to the health club
3. Carpool with a friend to work (or take the bus)
4. Collect your change in a jar
5. Limit your dining out (cook at home often)
6. Check your home for water leaks
7. Run all your errands together while your out
8. Mow your own lawn
9. Avoid ATM fees
10. Avoid vending machines

The above list is great for every individual to work on. Good luck and happy savings.

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