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Are you experiencing a water leak?

Are you experiencing a water leak?

Are you experiencing a water leak?

Now, I know this picture may not be your home or commercial building but believe me, this is what we see everyday when we enter into a flooded home. If you have any minor leaks get them fixed before you end up “flooded” like the swimming pool picture above.

Water leak in ceiling near heating duck

In the picture below you can see to repair this water line we had to cut out part of the heating system.

Water lines run all over behind walls and sometimes you have to cut through other material you didn’t plan cutting through. Plumbing is foreign until we can physically view what really needs to be repaired. This client of ours had water running through their ceiling so we had no choice but to cut the ceiling to view the water leak. Repairing most water leaks is very easy and straight forward. The hard part about plumbing is the small amount of room we have to work with. Another hard about plumbing is all the awkward angles we have to work with under sinks, in small access panel and tight spots in ceiling 20 feet above ground.
Leave plumbing up to the professionals to get repaired the proper way.
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History of plumbing

Wonder where the history of plumbing came from? Read the article and enjoy.
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