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Chemical Drain Openers?

Chemical drain openers aren’t good for any plumbing pipes. No matter what type of plumbing pipes as shown below this is what can happen if you choose to use chemical down your drains.

Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe Broke Due To Chemicals

Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe Broke Due To Chemicals

Taking the cheap way out normally ends up costing more in the long run. Don’t wait, hire a plumbing professional today!

Were only a phone call away!

Main Sewer Line Clean-Out Cover

Every property has a sewer line clean out in their home to bring waste to the city main sewer line. If your not familiar with where this would be, it’s smart to ask a plumber where this is before your in panic time and actually having a back up. When a property starts to flood sometimes it can be because your main sewer line is clogged. Several reason below as to way a sewer line gets clogged up.

Main Sewer Line Clean Out Access

Main Sewer Line Clean Out Access

Main sewer lines can get obstructed and or clogged for several reasons. One being caused by tree roots that get through your line weather its clay, cast iron, or plastic. No matter what roots grows with water and tree roots will find their way to a water source. Another, reasons sewer lines can clogged is from foreign products that get flushed or accidentally put down drains. Just because products say there are “flushable or septic tank safe” doesn’t mean they should be flushed. Our company is here for you when you clog your own sewer line and these days we also have camera technology to view your sewer line and see the condition it’s in.

Sewer lines can be repaired meaning excavated if necessary but this is at last resort. Before digging up a broken line you must be 100% sure it needs to be repaired. Lots of times properties have horrible access’s or small clean-outs to properly even clean their sewer main line. After a company cleans your sewer line they can camera it and see the condition and pitch the line is in. If the camera shows that a repair is needed then that the time to install an outside clean out to properly be able to clean in the future. Weather your line needs snaking or jetting to clean the line outside is where the mess should be.

No matter the reason your drains get clogged Ken’s Sewer Service is only a call away.

St. Louis Park, MN local 24 Hour Plumbing Company

Going through all the pictures of tree roots our company Ken’s Sewer Service pulled out from sewer lines, this had to be top 5.


Roots also known as “tree roots” grow in sewer line weather you want them to or not. There is no way to get rid of them. By not maintaining your sewer line and cleaning your sewer system yearly roots will grow thicker and bigger. Eventually tree roots will break though your drain pipe and end up costing you major pocket book money to replace your sewer line.
This root our company pulled from a clients sewer line was over 5 feet long. This is one of many roots this size we extracted from clients sewer lines this past year. We keep many pictures of impressive roots to show our clients what our company is capable of pulling out of sewer lines. Clients are always amazed and surprised what’s inside their sewer lines. When our company diagnosis a sewer line with our camera technology, clients love seeing whats growing and living inside their line.
St. Louis Park Drain cleaning & Plumbing is what our company thrives at.
Ken’s Sewer Service installs, repairs and unclogs any and all drains.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Laundry Tubs Repair

There are so many different types of laundry tubs to choose from.

Old cement laundry tubs are now being replaced with plastic tubs. The old cement laundry tubs clog up more and some people as well don’t like the sight of them. People I’d say these days like the new sleek look. When choosing laundry tubs you have to decide between a double or single tub. In some cases the space you have will decide for you. One load of laundry will only fill up 1 single laundry tub. Don’t feel like you need to get a double just cause you already have one. Maybe it’s time to go with a single laundry tub and save space for shelves or anything else.
When going to buying a laundry tub faucet the only rule I have is don’t buy cheap. Spend at least $150 on a laundry tub faucet. This is a faucet that will last for years.
Call Ken’s Sewer Service to break up your old laundry tubs, install your new tub and faucet or repair your existing ones.
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