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Client Handwritten Testimonial

Ken’s Sewer Service – Aug, 2021

“We were very pleased with Ken’s Sewer Service! I had a laundry tub removed and they were very professional! I should have called them years ago. The laundry tub I have now is beautiful and I am so happy the concrete tub is gone. I would highly recommend Ken’s Sewer service anytime!.”
Kerry – St Paul, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – March, 2021

“Very happy with same day service. Found issue with main floor drain, and very responsive to getting job done. I would highly recommend.”
John B. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – March, 2021

“Really awesome experience today! Called about a sewer backup this morning at 9am, they had Chris out by 10am and had everything all hunky dory by noon. All for a very fair price, especially considering the quick response. Would recommend!”
Kathy J. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – March, 2021

“Had a main drain line overflow which we noticed on a Saturday night. Called Ken’s the next morning and they came within a few hours to un-clog the line. Been a week since and everything seems to be good. Reasonably priced and quick to the job. Highly recommend.”
Michael. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – April, 2021

“Had a great experience where I was checked on during a sewage backup emergency and was directed to the steps we needed to get mitigation and pipes inspected. Greatly appreciated!”
Ying G. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – December, 2020

“I had a leaking pipe under our kitchen sink. They came promptly, worked very quickly and did a great job! Then with the extra time helped with low hot water pressure on that sink.

Great value, highly professional and really easy to work with. Can’t recommend them enough!”
Ryan B. – Twin Cities, MN

Ken’s Sewer Service – November, 2020

“Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we had a plumbing emergency and water was spewing from our water softener. We called Ken’s Sewer Service in a panic. They talked us through how to bypass the water softener, so we could keep the water on in the house but turn off the water to the softener. They saved us $300, which would have been the price of an emergency holiday visit. They were very patient in talking a panicked, mechanically-ignorant person through the bypass process. A big shout out to Ken’s!!”
Laura C. – Burnsville, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – October, 2020

“Fantastic experience! I called, they came in an hour, and my sewer is clean. The best part is they are LOCAL and HONEST. They gave me very fair, straight-forward pricing. They did not try to scare me or upsell me. Bonfe gouged me $530 for a snake and scope that just ended up backing up 1 month later. After the scope, the BONFE technician was very abrasive and tried to get me to spend (not kidding) $25,000 on repairs. His tactic was to scare me and get me to sign on the dotted line. Polar opposites of Ken’s Sewer Service. They were very professional and fair. At the end of my hydro-jetting of my sewer line, the technician showed me the video and explained the nature of my old pipes without trying to get me to do anything extreme. In fact, he didn’t try to sell me on anything. He did the job right and left. Look no further than Ken’s!”
Eddie C. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – October, 2020

“It’s great to have a company where I can talk to someone on the phone who understands the problem. I used to use Ron’s sewer rats but as they became larger they switched the receptionist from someone with technical knowledge to someone only able to make appointments. Very professional and responsive on the phone”
Yan C. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – September, 2020

“Needed a drain unclogged quick. They were able to come out within a reasonable time, and for a much more reasonable price than others.”
Laena R. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – September, 2020

“Had a clogged sewer on a Saturday. Called Ken’s Sewer Service and somebody was here within 2 hours. Very reasonably priced and explained the situation thoroughly to me. Thrilled with how great the service was. Highly recommend.”
Roman G. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – Aug, 2020

“We were left in a bad situation after a botched refrigerator delivery. Ken’s Sewer Service saved the day with a water line help to our fridge in the same day. Will absolutely use them again.”
Lindsey C. – Eden Prairie, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – Aug, 2020

“I called Ken’s Drain Cleaning because it was recommended to me by our handyman. He said he’s used him for over 20 years, and they’ve always done great work. We had an issue with Water on the floor where we have our grate drain in our utility room. After spending probably about 15 to 20 minutes on the phone with me walking me through different things to try so he knew exactly how to help me, it was determined that it was water softener issue, not an issue with the drain (so he didn’t need to come out). He gave me some ideas of how to fix it, and said to call back if we needed replacement or they could help with some aspect of it that we couldn’t fix ourselves. I was really impressed that he gave me so much of his time and was not just trying to get in the door to charge a service fee. I will definitely be contacting them for any of our future needs!”
Katie M. – Edina, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – Aug, 2020

“Called and had a technician here within an hour from initial call. professional, friendly, mask, shoe coverings, sink unclogged and cleaned up. Half the price of brand name companies. Support this local business instead.”
Mary F. – Woodbury, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – July, 2020

“Call was answered by a person, connected additional details by text and service call was quickly scheduled and service completed within a few hours of my initial call! Service professional arrived on time and was courteous and pleasant. Very satisfied!”
Lori A. – Minnetonka
Ken’s Sewer Service – June, 2020

“Great service all around and on a Sunday nonetheless. Highly recommended!!!”
VT C. – Twin Cities
Ken’s Sewer Service – June, 2020

“Within an hour from time of call, to arrival. Technician was professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and done within an hour. Very satisfied with Ken’s!!!”
Jerry B. – Twin Cities
Ken’s Sewer Service – June, 2020

“Marcus just left and he did an awesome job. Cleaned out our main line to the sewer that was full of roots. He also cleaned out a trunk line. Did a great job. Made it look easy. Cleaned up after himself. He was on time. Very polite, helpful guy. There’s absolutely nothing I could ask for as an improvement.”
Ian J. – Twin Cities
Ken’s Sewer Service – January 25th, 2020

“Called them for backup in sewer system on a Saturday. Was there within 2 hours and a very professional gentleman showed up. He pulled out enough roots to plant a garden. After that he flushed the pipe then ran his snake a second time through to the street to make sure it was clear. Then checked the floor drain to make sure the hole system was clear. Cleaned up the whole area then carefully brought his machine out of the house careful not to get anything dirty. We were extremely happy with everything he did and his mannerisms to our family. When he gave us the bill, WOW can’t believe it was as low as it was. My parents have been using them since the 70’s and now we will be using them for our home.”
Darci – Twin Cities
Ken’s Sewer Service – August 15th, 2019

“We have used Ken’s Sewer Service for a few emergency and non-emergency projects. We have been continually impressed with the responsiveness, fairness, and level of expertise. Our most recent issue required a very simple fix. They were able to provide a solution over the phone and save us the cost of a visit. Much appreciated and will certainly continue to call when needed!”
Seth – Twin Cities
Ken’s Sewer Service

“Wow. Ken’s was top notch end to end. I had a homeowner project mishap on a Sunday, never good. I called all around to find someone to help me ASAP. Ken’s was the best – communicating promptly with me back and forth to assess the problem. Even better, they dispatched a guy to come out with a couple of hours – on a weekend. None of the big guys would commit to anything before tomorrow night. Best in class and local. Highly recommend.”
Mike P. – Twin Cities
Ken’s Sewer Service

“I’ve used Ken’s Sewer Service multiple times and have always had a great experience. Most recently, I had an emergency situation that needed attention and Dan responded right away and completed the work immediately. I highly recommend Ken’s Sewer Service for your sewer and plumbing needs.”
Kelly H. – Twin Cities
Ken’s Sewer Service

“I was referred to Ken’s Sewer Service by a neighbor who was very satisfied with the work they did for her. A technician came out and cleared my floor drain within a couple hours of calling. Ken’s was fast, professional, and knowledgeable. They followed up afterward to ensure that I was satisfied with their service and informed me about the probable issue in my sewer line. I was then connected to an excavator that came out three days later to put a camera down and discuss next steps to fix the cause of the back-up. The customer service and continuity of service was great. Definitely recommend this company.”
Brittani S. – Twin Cities
Ken’s Sewer Service

“I reached out because I had three clogged drains that I needed to be cleaned. I filled out the online form on a Saturday at 12pm and by 1230pm someone had reached out to get a technician out to my home. The man that came out was super friendly and went the extra mile to teach me (new home owner) about the drains and preventative measures I can take. My drains are working much better after the cleaning. I will definitely contact them again if any other drains become problematic”
Ashley B. – Brooklyn Center, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service

“I’m writing to praise Ken’s Sewer Service, who I’ve used for years.
They are very responsive to a call for help, making every effort
to service the request quickly. There have been leaky
faucets, plugged toilets, removal of roots thru the drain. Rates are
fair and reasonable, and the workers are knowledgeable,
skilled, and respectful. Most recently a problem with a toilet was
corrected on the phone with Ken instructing me how to
remedy the situation. Can’t be any better than that!”
Rita W.
Ken’s Sewer Service – February, 2017

“Working for a Church, we have a variety of plumbing needs that pop up, and it is great to be able to rely on a single source for all of our plumbing needs. Ken’s Sewer Service fits that role for us perfectly, from plumbing leaks to sewer backups, and new construction, Ken’s can handle it all, with very fair pricing, and extremely competent technicians. Do not hesitate to contacts Ken’s for your next plumbing job!”
Brian F. – Hopkins, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – October 12th , 2016

“Very prompt and fair on their pricing. I have used this company more than once and will continue to use again in the future!”
Merrick A. – Bloomington, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – September 20th , 2016

“After giving us advice over the phone, Ken’s Sewer Service came out and spent four (4!) hours digging ten (10!) years worth of tree roots out of our main sewer line. Their prompt and professional response saved us from a much, much worse situation. Thank you so much!!”
Dena S. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – August 25th , 2016

“We’ve relied on Ken’s Sewer Service for many years. Telephone calls are answered promptly and courteously. Service personnel are dispatched quickly and work efficiently, and they never leave a mess for us to clean up.”
Dan B. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – August 18th , 2016

“Your plumber really delivered today. I have an older duplex, built in 1939, and that means plumbing can really be a challenge. Your Plumber knew his stuff and was able to find just the right (and least expensive) fix. Please thank him for me. Also, I was very happy with how well your staff communicated with me. From the first call, and even by email, you folks kept track of me and the work I needed to have done. I felt I wasn’t just “another plumbing job!” We’ll happily use your services again.”
Earl – St. Louis Park, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – August 5th , 2016

“I would like to recommend Ken’s Sewer Service to anyone that needs some plumbing work done.
They are prompt, courteous and above all can find items that are no longer stocked anywhere else.
We made the call in the morning and someone was at the house by mid afternoon, with the item we needed, repaired and on their way very quickly.
I would not hesitate to call them again and would tell my friends about their prompt service.”
Linda S. – Minnetonka, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – July 30th , 2016

“Ken’s is the most responsive plumber in the Twin Cities – he personally helped me over the phone on a Friday night!! Super service and professional approach from a local firm. Can’t beat that.”
John. J – St. Paul, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – July 26th , 2016

“Great Experience with Ken’s Sewer Service today!! They came out quickly, resolved the issue and were sweet and efficient. Other places I called, would not give quotes over the phone and were not available in a timely manner. it was a third the price too. you’re in good hands with Ken’s Sewer Service!!”
Deborah C. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – May 16th , 2016

“Highly recommend Ken’s Sewer Service for all pluming and sewer needs! I’ve used them twice now for emergent situations with pipe leaks in my basement (I have an almost 100 year old house), after hours, and for annual sewer line maintenance. They are honest, reliable, perform great work, and very reasonably priced. They do things right the first time and have fixed pipe issues from not being installed correctly from another company. I am so thankful that I have this type of service available when unforeseen incidences occur. FIVE STARS!”
Jaime G. – St. Louis Park, MN

Ken’s Sewer Service – April 27th, 2016

“I found Ken’s Sewer Service to be less expensive with quicker response, while providing better quality service than other plumbing services I have used locally. Chris identified the problem easily (very different that what I thought it was) and was done in an hour. He educated me on a couple of things to watch for. I will be calling Ken’s next time I have a plumbing problem.” Cindy M. – St. Paul, MN

Ken’s Sewer Service – May 8th , 2016

“Wow ~ is all I can say. It seems to be getting harder and harder to find a company with excellent customer service and reasonable rates, but I definitely found one when I called Kens. Thank you Kens for not taking the opportunity to gouge your customers for providing fast and excellent service. I hesitated to call, fearing what the cost would be to get a plumber out as soon as I could. I will recommend you to everyone I know. My problem was fixed very quickly by one of your friendly knowledgeable technician. Thanks again!” Theresa C. – Twin Cities, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – April 26th, 2016

“Ken’s Sewer Service was fast, efficient, friendly – and got the job done.Thank You – Rate 5/5
Ron J. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – April 23rd, 2016

“Just wanted to shoot you a quick thanks regarding the work your guys did for us. Our plumbing issue popped up quickly on us (Friday night), and you guys were able to come out on a Saturday and fix it, which was awesome. The two guys you sent were great. They listened when I was showing them what was going on, and understood what needed to be done to fix it. They were friendly, professional, and got the job done. The best part of working with you was the cost. For coming to us on a Saturday, you were by far the least expensive which was great! Most of the big name 24/7 plumbing companies would have been far more expensive under the circumstances. We appreciate you guys coming out so quick and getting our plumbing issue fixed!!” Tim – Savage, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – March 5th, 2016

“Not long ago we had some serious plumbing problems. On the recommendation
of a relative we called Ken’s Sewer Service. Now it is our turn to offer a
recommendation of Ken’s. We were very pleased with the level of service and the
reasonable prices. We would certainly call on them again if we were in need of
plumbing repair.” Sam G. – St. Louis Park, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – September 25th, 2015

“Dear Ken’s – Fabulous work on my slow drain. From the initial call, all your efforts were completed as planned. I appreciated the confirmation call letting me know when and who was to arrive. Your tech was on-time, knowledgeable and solved to problem quickly. PLEASE READ: HOMEOWNER’S with older homes. I was fortunate to find my blockage before my entire basement was filled with sewage. I encourage you to be proactive and have your sanitary waste piping cleared before you need waiters. If you don’t remember when it was last done, if ever, or you suspect a slow drain, call Ken’s Sewer Service to have this done. The cost is trivial compared to the potential damage of a flooded basement.”
Gertie B – Roseville, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – September 24th, 2015

“Today I needed a plumber ASAP to install a shut off valve for my plumbing. I called Ken’s Sewer Service and shortly after that I had a new shut off. Can’t tell you how happy I was for the very fast service. From now on they will be my service contact. Thank you :)”
Marilyn H. – St. Louis Park, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – August 2015

“I shared my post and your page with my FB friends but seriously, thank you! My house is over 100 years old and you guys have been the best to work with in cleaning out my main sewer line and most recently the laundry line! The first time I called 2 years ago I was in a panic and got help on a Sunday with no crazy extra emergency fee like the big guys quoted me. I have been a loyal customer since and appreciate the quick response, help, and trust I have with you guys. I will keep referring everywhere I can! Thank you!”
Catie – Twin Cities, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – July 2015

“I want you to know that your drain technician was fantastic! I have lived in my home for 7 years and have had my sewer snaked once by the larger named companies around the Twin Cities. I was surprised when your technician explained that wasn’t the right drain to snake in the past. I couldn’t tell him where my main sewer was but he had no problem finding it. He also fixed a floor drain in my mechanical room for me and took the time to explain how it worked as it was not attached to the sewer.
I have been a homeowner for 14 years and hired many plumbers. This is the first time I have written a note and definitely the first time I don’t feel ripped off using a plumbing service . Thank you for sending your technician to my repair call.”
Adam – St. Louis Park, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – July 2015

“I needed a last minute appointment today, July 3rd. And luckily, Ken’s Sewer Service was able to provide me with an excellent technician to take care of the problem. Thank you guys! I appreciate the quality service, competitive prices and good response time. I have been a Ken’s Sewer Service customer since 1990, and will continue to be.”
Lou – Edina, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – April 2015

“I was referred to Ken’s Sewer Service by someone, and I couldn’t be more pleased with their service. I am a facility manager for a religious organization and was having a funeral and another service in one of my buildings on a Saturday afternoon when I got a call that sewage was backing up into the building in all the restrooms and our front. I called Ken’s and spoke with someone immediately. Ken’s dispatched someone to our building and they were there in just 10 minutes!! I couldn’t believe how quickly they responded to my situation. Not only that, within just a few minutes of arriving on-site, they had the solution figured out and going. All in all, it took a total of maybe an hour from the time I called to the time they got to my building, cleaned out our lines, and were on their way! It was as if no problems had occurred at all they were so fast!Not only that, they were clean professional and very polite and respectful of the circumstances in which they were called to. There was almost no noticeable interruption to our funeral service and no interruption whatsoever to our ability to hold our other service that afternoon. I would definitely recommend Ken’s to anyone!”
J.P. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – February 10th, 2015

“Everything went very well with are drain cleaning experience. The men were friendly, helpful and informative. Your prices are incredibly reasonable. We will definitely keep you in mind for future issues and also refer you to our family and friends. Thank You. ”
Holly – Minnetonka, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – February 6, 2015

“Amazing ……..I called and received the best customer service imaginable… Got a call back within minutes from a service technician who handled sewer & drain cleaning…. This horrible situation I was in became one of the smoothest fixes anyone can imagine…..5 Stars is not enough for this company…….will recommend to anyone I can for service…Thank you!!”
Gina S. – Coon Rapids, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – January, 31st 2015

“Came home from two months out of the house – turned water back on – nothing. As we had just got in from a 9hr flight we needed functional toilets!!! Called Ken’s Sewer Service and he tried to help over the phone, then asked me to send photos of valves and pipes. As we couldn’t solve over the phone he agreed to send someone out. This was a SATURDAY NIGHT AT 7:30pm. A splendid guy arrived by 9pm and was able release a stuck valve and get water back on. As it did not take too long he even gave me a good deal compared to the price quoted. Thank you Ken’s Sewer Service you will be my first port of call for all future plumbing jobs!”Thank You,
Doug B. – Hennepin County, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – January, 22nd 2015

“Ken’s does a great job – they are efficient and economical! “Thank You,
Erin – St. Louis Park, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service

“Have used Ken’s for years. They’re quick, good and reasonable. When we broke a toilet tank lid, they went out of their way to find a replacement at a very reasonable cost.”Thank You,
John. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service

“Used ken’s several times through the years. Always fast service and reasonable rates. It’s a family business, run by “Ken”. Line in the floor plugged. Called them on a Sunday at 5pm. They had it open by 7:30! Impressed.”Thank You,
J.S. – New Brighton, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – January

“I woke up to no water flowing from my pipes for the first time in owning my house in 8 years. I had frozen from the polar vortex of early January. I called several plumbers and left several messages. Ken’s son Danny called back right away and was able to come over with Ken. They plugged-in a machine that looked like a car battery on steroids. They put one clamp next to the water heater and another next to a sink that had no water and turned it on. It shot electricity through the copper piping for 30-45 minutes. Slowly but surely drips starting coming out of the sink. Finally the ice melted and you could hear the water flowing. It wasn’t long before every faucet was working. This was such a better solution than having someone get into the walls to “fix” the problem before a pipe burst. I was so fortunate to have been recommended to these guys. I would highly recommend them.They were prompt, courteous, professional and even funny. They saved me a lot of time and grief. If you have frozen pipes, call these guys.”Thank You,
Bach – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – January 20th, 2015

“When it rains, it pours. Had 3 problems crop up all at once at the apartment building I caretake, two of them potentially very serious. Called Ken’s Sewer Service and they made time for me on short notice. Took a few hours for them to get here, but of course they had to take care of their scheduled work first. When they got here he was on point and motivated, and took care of everything in around two hours – not bad considering he practically had to rebuild a kitchen sink drain and its pipes. The second thing was easy, but city water that I wasn’t willing to chance. The third was an unusual bit of solder that had somehow worked its way up a toilet’s water supply line and into its endcap, which caused the toilet to run continually. I wouldn’t have found that, much less thought of it.I was treated cordially and respectfully by all parties. Thumbs up.”Thank You,
Jason – St. Paul, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – December 5th, 2014

“Turn a bad moment into a good moment by calling Ken’s Sewer Service. I had my share of bad moments by the time I called Ken’s this Friday afternoon. Reason: I was laid off work on Wednesday, and my drain is backing up on Friday? I found the file left from the previous home owner re: drain/sewer and the note that says “Ken’s Sewer Service is great.” So I called – and she was right! Super nice phone service, very fast response from a very nice technician and viola ~ I can get back to my dishes and laundry! Maybe that’s why my sewer got overwhelmed – now that I’m a “stay at home” while looking for work … I’m tackling loads of laundry? At any rate – thanks to Ken’s Sewer Service for their quick, efficient help.”Thank You,
Michelle – Hopkins, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – November 21st, 2014

“Just wanted to say thanks so much for your quick response to my kitchen plumbing emergency! Your company was in the house within an hour and everything was fixed by the time I got home from work. Thanks so much for your prompt, and very reasonably priced service!”Thank You,
Ann W. – St. Paul, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – November 9th, 2014

“I had a major back up in my basement plumbing on November 9, 2014 (sewage coming up through the basement shower and mud room drain) and of course, it happened to be a Sunday. I thought it would probably be a long shot to get someone out at a reasonable rate, but I thought I would give it a shot anyway. I called Ken’s Sewer Service and within 30 minutes, someone was at my home, and within another hour, they had roto-rooted my main sewer line (tree root issue). The TOTAL cost? Only $200! ON A SUNDAY! The other two companies I had called were charging $200 just as a trip charge for being a weekend! I love Ken’s and will definitely tell everyone I know.”Thank You,
Candan S. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – November 11th, 2014

“Ken’s Sewer was out to fix a lift motor in our basement. His crew came to our house the same day and made the repair. The Technician was prompt and and courteous. The pricing was great despite the urgency in timing, difficult to find part, and specialized equipment that was rented for the job.Thanks again for the great service”
Trent – St. Louis Park, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – August 15th, 2014

“The drain technician from Kens’s Sewer came on-time, as promised,….and listened carefully to the problem; he got right to work,…. without any delays’,….explained what was going on when asked, very personable ; the problem was cleared and he provided suggestions’ on how to avoid have the problem I had.”Thank You,
Morrie. – St. Louis Park, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – August 4th, 2014

“Ken’s Sewer Service provided excellent over the phone assistance as well as at my home.I had been having problems with a leaking tub faucet and had tried to contact a number of handy-men and plumbers to come over to my house but no one available. I was having a lot of trouble finding someone to fix what seems to be a simple problem.Then on Friday night the tub leak began to gush out of the faucet. I was in a panic tried calling a couple of people and still no luck. I called Ken’s Sewer and was told to look for shut-off valve which I found. I was able to stop the gushing water and avoid an “emergency call” and the extra expense associated with that type of service. I was relieved to say the least.Ken’s then setup an appointment for Monday, came over and “fixed” the leak. To say that Ken’s saved the day would be an under statement.Thank you Ken’s Sewer Service!”Thank You,
Gary J. – Bloomington, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – July 29th, 2014

“I had, what I thought was a strange need for a plumber. In selling my house, and per the purchase agreement, I was asked to remove an old, non-working gas grill positioned by the patio, and to cap the gas line leading out to it from the basement. And rather than calling the usual big-name (big-price! firms), I decided to look for someone local and nearby via Google. I found Ken’s Sewer Service and made a call. After explaining my need, I was asked to send a few photos and they’d get back to me.The next morning I received a call. I was told the crew could be at my place in 15 minutes – and they were! They couldn’t have been more helpful in sizing up my situation and getting right to work. The pipe was capped in minutes. And while they had no obligation to remove my grill, they very quickly pulled it out of its anchor and dragged it to the alley for removal. I couldn’t have been more pleased with their work and their attitude. They clearly wanted a happy customer – and I am!”Thank You,
Jim R. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – July 20th, 2014

“After contacting one of the larger sewer service companies and receiving what I thought was an outrageously high estimate, I contacted Ken’s Sewer Service. The gentleman I spoke with asked me to send him pictures of the plumbing issues I was describing, he described the possible solutions to me and gave me a rough estimate, which was dramatically less than the other companies estimate. A plumber came to the house the next morning and was able to resolve the issues within the estimated price. Ken’s Sewer Service has affordable pricing and very knowledgeable staff. I’d recommend Ken’s Sewer Service to all my friends and family.”Thanks again for your help!Thank You,
Andrew C. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – July 15th, 2014

We had Ken’s Sewer Service out for a sewer drain that was backing up in the basement. We were very happy with our service technician who was friendly, straightforward and thorough. He put us at ease immediately. The pricing was significantly better and the service far exceeded the competition. We highly recommend Ken’s Sewer Service and will definitely call them for any future jobs.Thank You,
Christi C. Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – June 25th, 2014

“We had our old, weird, rusted-out shower fitting break – not an emergency, but annoying. It could have been a DIY fix, but not having tangled with the plumbing in our newly purchased house yet, I didn’t want to risk opening the Chamber of Secrets or at least the Chamber of Pipe & Water Damage.Ken’s was the only well-reviewed plumbing company able to come out that day. Neil showed up in 90 minutes. He was friendly, professional, and fast: he had the rare part fetched from the depot and installed within another 40 minutes. The rate for this simple job was pretty reasonable, especially for such a fast response.The Chamber of Secrets is closed.”Thank You,
James R. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – June 17th, 2014

“We used Ken’s Service for years but this time was serious our sewer backed up on Sunday. We called Ken’s and someone came out within an hour. But couldn’t open up the main sewer line . Early Monday morning another person came , very confident he could fix the problem. And he did within the hour. No digging up the cement floor was necessary as was indicated might happen! We were happy with the service and do tell our neighbors about Ken’s.Thank You,
Ken’s Sewer Service – March 2, 2014

“A big thank you for solving Jim’s office problem we appreciate your swift action in getting the problem resolved.” Having frozen sewer lines are never fun. Thank you again for you weekend service so we could be back up and running come Monday morning.”Thank You,
Jim & Marcia B.
Ken’s Sewer Service – January 2014,

“We called Ken at 4:30 on a Saturday afternoon, and he had someone to our house within the hour. They were extremely professional and prompt, both in returning our calls, and getting the job done in a timely manner. It’s nice to work with someone local who we can trust to do a good job, and will definitely be a returning customer. Thanks!”Thank You,
Jay B.
Ken’s Sewer Service – Service Date 10/14/2013,

Our experience was great. You worked within my schedule; the technician was prompt and explained what needed to be done; completed the task in a timely manner; and now my drains are working perfectly. And of course, you can’t beat the price! I appreciate the follow up too. I have never worked with anyone who has followed up to make sure everything went smoothly and that I was satisfied. I will definitely recommend you guys to anyone who asks me for a referral.Thank You,
Steve S. – Minneapolis, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – Service Date 8/22/2013,

As president of an office condo building with 8 restrooms, I have encountered emergency sewer/drain problems many times over the years, and I have truly never worked with a company more thorough in its process and responsive in its service. The job got done quickly, properly and at a fair price.I would recommend Ken’s Sewer Service without any reservation…an “11” on a scale of 1 to 10.Thank you,
Jim F. – St. Louis Park, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – Service Date 6/24/2013,

Your ability to respond within 24 hours and completely fix the problem during a major storm was much appreciated! Your technician was polite and we felt safe with him in our home. Thanks for installing our sump pump!Thank you
Sue D. – Wayzata, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – Service Date 6/6/2013,

Thank you for your prompt and thorough service. Having Ken’s Sewer Service
inspect the sewer main before we purchase the house puts my mind at ease.
The home has white carpets and I appreciate the careful and accommodating
attitude you took in order to keep them clean. Such professional and nice
people. And they were way cheaper then the other places I had called. I
will call them if/when I need a plumber in the future.Thank you
Nancy – Oakdale, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – Service Date 1/9/13,
I want to express my total all around satisfaction with the services that Ken’s Sewer Service provided to me and my household.
Homeowner of 15+ years in a house that experiences backed up and/or slow drains
every 18 months or so I needed to call out for drain cleaning services when that
time arose. Over the years I have turned to the trusty Yellow Pages and randomly
chose a drain cleaning company out of the many servicing the Twin Cities area
and received very different results from some with good customer service and
results along with many poor service all together. I wanted spend a few words
and explain the reason I’m taking my time to write a testimonial.As stated I experience the need for these services on a infrequent but somewhat
regular cycle, I had a plumbing friend offer up his services and consult on my
homes drain issues, he explained what the problems could be and explained that
because of the type of work he does and the equipment he has his services
couldn’t be utilized but he has used Ken’s Sewer Service in the past at his own
residence and was very satisfied with the experience and referred Ken’s contact
information to me.After calling the referred number and connecting with Ken’s Sewer Service I
immediately felt that they were different and cared that I called them for
service, received courteous welcome and was asked specific questions to the
problem I was encountering, after bouncing back and forth with Q&A they
explained what may be going on and why. Explained what needed to be done, the
estimated costs were discussed frankly and out in the open (a “Plus” in my book)
and said they could send someone over within the hour, that was true in fact
someone showed up much sooner than the estimated time.The person they sent was friendly, courteous and careful to be neat around the
affect areas he needed to work. I could tell that the service technician was
giving this job an extra effort above and beyond a simple drain cleaning. Use of
the auger went far beyond the clog in the main and he was making all efforts to
make sure the complete drain was clear of any obstructions, something I have not
experienced with other drain company service calls in the past. After completion
of the service the technician return has equipment to his truck and returned
with a “No Surprise” invoice the same reasonable price initially quoted over the
phone, along with a sticker and magnet advertising Ken’s Sewer Service. I
realize when you’re facing a backed up drain in your home the last thing you’re
wanting to experience is lousy serviceDefinitely a “New” Satisfied CustomerAs Ken’s sewer service company was referred to me, I will now refer this company
to others.Greg – St. Paul, MN
Ken’s Sewer Service – Service Date 11/11/12,
Ken’s Sewer came out to clean out a root problem I have in my main line. I couldn’t get a hold of the guy I used in the past so I called Ken’s Sewer up. They came out right away and provided professional, friendly service. I really appreciated the time you took after the job to call me to explain what was done and how to prevent the problem in the future. Ken’s Sewer seems very competent in their line of work and even saved me a few bucks. Highly recommended and will be using again.Ryan – From Saint Louis Park
Ken’s Sewer Service – Service Date 10/20/12,
I have been using Ken’s Sewer services for a number of years. They are always on time, explain what needs to be done in terms I can understand, and clean up after they are done with their work.I have and will continue to recommend Ken’s to others. The quality of the work they do is superior to other services I used in the past. The fees are
extremely reasonable.
The technicians are professional and hard working.Jeff – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ken’s Sewer Service – Service Date 10/8/12,
Five (5) stars to Ken’s Sewer Service ~ On time ~ On task~
Got the job done ~ Great service at a reasonable price.We will recommend this company to our neighbors and also friends out
side the West St. Paul area.Thank you to Ken’s Sewer Service for giving me my laundry room
back.Claudia – West St. Paul, Minnesota
Ken’s Sewer Service – Date of work: 7/19/12 – When I purchased my home in 1990, the former owners explained that the silver maple tree out front would send a root ball into the seam of the clay 6″ pipe and that every couple years I’d need to contact a drain cleaning company for professional cleaning.

One of the major companies in town has been coming to my house about every two or three years for the past 22 years. Then two years ago they pushed a hard sell on
doing a camera inspection and wanted to push a contractor on me to do a
fiberglass liner of my main line. They did a camera inspection which
showed some slight displaced seams but to my untrained eye, nothing
wildly out of alignment. They suggested it would get much worse over
time and recommended I do a liner. I told them I’d want to get another
independent opinion. I actually knew my front yard is stable and the
chance of even a 1/4 inch of movement in the next several decades would
be rare.

I ended up talking with a retired homeowner friend of mine in White Bear
who recommended Ken’s Sewer Service.

Wow, what a difference. My last drain cleaning service charged me over $200 dollars for the auger and $100 bucks for the ‘camera inspection’ of my line. Ken’s was
$120 bucks for the auger. This guy used the identical motorized auger
with a 100ft snake. But this guy asked me to look at my old invoices
from the drain cleaning company to see the size of the blade they used. I saw they
indicated they had used 4″ blades and would then pull the blades out and
have to unweave the mass ball of root from the blade. It always looked
pretty bad at what all they pulled out every time.

My guy from Ken’s Sewer used a 6″ blade and explained this gives a clean
scrape of the inside of the pipe. By doing a clean scrape, it would end
up pushing the roots down the line and out into the street and wouldn’t
ever need to pull the auger out with roots to be cleaned out back into
the house.

It was an eye opening event for me, and now I’m glad that Ken’s Sewer
Service will be doing the job from here on out!

Thank You,
Kent – Minneapolis

Ken’s Sewer Service – Service Date 7/30/12,

– I have been using Ken’s Sewer Services for over 10 years and have been extremely happy with them. They are very responsive to any of my plumbing needs and have always come out to my house within 24 hours of my request for service. They are equally responsive in an emergency, arriving quickly day or night. Their customer service is fantastic. I get a real person on the phone when I call – no pressing buttons and being put on hold, and I always get a call when they’re on their way to my home. I also get a follow-up call after the work is done to make sure I was satisfied with the service I received.

The service folks are friendly, respectful and they know what they’re doing – VERY knowledgeable. They also take the time to explain what they’re doing in language I can understand. The quality of their work is excellent and (for the ladies of the house in particular) they clean up after they’re done! Not only do they do a quality job, their rates for service are absolutely great – very reasonable and fair. I have never felt ‘ripped off’ like I have with previous service providers! I would use no one else but Ken’s for my plumbing needs. Their staff has also helped me get the best prices on things I’ve bought for myself. I recently saved more than $70 on the purchase of a toilet for my back bath due to the advice of staff at Ken’s. You will not go wrong using Ken’s for anything you need from installing a new toilet and plumbing to cleaning out drains and sewer lines. They are by far the best!

Thank You,

Nancy V. – Roseville, MN


– Thank you so much for your speedy service. The very knowledgeable young man came out and got to work immediately. He did a wonderful job. Very reasonably priced too. Will recommend to my friends.

Thanks again,

Mari K. – St. Louis Park, MN

Ken’s Sewer Service – service date 7/13/12

“My former sewer service closed their doors when the owner retired after forty years in the trades. I received a call from one of my tenants that the toilet was backing up in the basement and my first thought was that the main sewer line had not been cleaned out for two years and the roots were blocking the line. My tenant had called one of the big companies that demanded a service fee to show up at the property before I received any quote for the actual sewer cleaning.I called Ken’s Sewer and explained the problem over the phone. I asked for a
quote to run a snake and clean out the main sewer line which I thought was the
cause of the problem. Their quote was extremely reasonable and they showed up
at the property exactly as promised with a reminder call in advance.
Within one
hour the problem was completed resolved and they charged the fee we had agreed
upon for this service. I was so pleased and relieved to find a new company that
I trusted
. I have set up the property for annual preventive service with Ken’s
Sewer Service to clean out the main line each year.”
Joe B. – Edina, MN

– Reasonably priced, no mess, in and out in a short time. Very pleased with the service.

Jerry H. – Roseville, MN

– Work Completed Date: June 08, 2012
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $102.00
Description Of Work: Kitchen drain was backing up into our bar sink, instead of going through the main drain. Contacted Ken’s and they said they had someone working a job just North of us. He called me back and his man was finishing the job he was on before going to a job in a city South of us. He arrived in about 15 minutes, snaked the drain from the bar into the drain for 50 feet. Everything running great in less than 30 minutes. Highly recommended!
Member Comments: Great job
Robert H. – St. Louis Park , MN
– Work Completed Date: October 18, 2011
Hire Again: Yes
Home Build Year: 1962
Description Of Work: Took the time to answer questions I had about a plumbing issue that left unchecked could have cost me a lot of money down the road.
Member Comments: Very informative Dan really knows his stuff, I believe he had said that they have been in business since 1972. So the way he addressed the issue was talking from experience.
Joel P. – White Bear Lake, MN
– Used ken’s several times through the years. Always fast service and reasonable rates. It’s a family business, run by “Ken”. Line in the floor plugged. Called them on a Sunday at 5pm. They had it open by 7:30! Impressed.
New Brighton, MN
– Work Completed Date: May 10, 2010
Hire Again: Yes
Approximate Cost: $100.00
Home Build Year: 1958
Description Of Work: Cleaned out drain line from kitchen.
Member Comments: We have a very long run drain from kitchen that goes under the concrete slab in the basement. The garbage disposal is used very seldom because of this, but on occasion it gets backed up and we need to have the drain cleared out to the sewer. They call back asap, schedule the time, show up right on time, and do the job quick and get it done right. No problems. Reliable.
Susan – Edina, MN
– Ken’s Sewer came out to my home to clean a clogged sewer line. They pulled out tree roots that were in my line. The waved the truck charge and i will call them again. Actually i own property and they came out the next day to run a sewer line on maintenance at my rental property. Thanks guys for treating me well. I’ll call ya in a year for maintenance.
St. Paul, MN

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