Water Jetting

Water jetting is using a very intense stream of water that cleans your sewer system. Water jetting is another option alongside traditional drain cleaning. Most of the time traditional drain cleaning can open and clear your sewer system but still might not be strong enough to clear all the debris from your sewer line. We suggest after a main line is cleared that each and every main sewer line should be camera inspected to determine if your line should be cabled more or if water jetting will open the sewer line up more. The Twin Cities Minneapolis / St Paul towns have several older neighborhoods, which means older sewer systems that have wear and tear and potentially larger root systems with mature tree growth. Water jetting will allow us to clean roots, grease, scale, dirt, sand and much more from your drain lines. Water jetting will also remove debris in areas so your sewer system can be properly camera inspected.

Water jetting must be done through a clean out. This is the same place where traditional drain cleaning is worked from. The absolute best place to water jet is from an outside clean out, but most homes don’t have one. The second best place to water jet from is a front floor clean-out, which is typically near your water meter or in your mechanical room near the front of your house. Having the best place to work from always makes the job easier and will give the best results.

There are times that we won’t recommend water jetting and just go straight to excavation and repairing the sewer system properly. 

Water jetting clears the entire circumference of the pipe whereas the rooter service only opens to the size of the blade. (This may not pertain to pipes that are compromised.)

 Water jetting can be used for residential and commercial properties.

Water jetting is environmentally safe. No chemicals used.

Water jetting is great for long sewer lines, heavy grease, paper plugs, scale build-up, overhead suspended drain lines.

Water jetting is much more effective for commercial and longer main sewer lines typically over 100 feet.

Having to add extra lengths of cable, especially when working on a sewer line with tree roots can take much longer than water jetting.

Water jetting flushes the toughest stubborn debris that cables and blades can’t remove.

Water jetting is great for removing those tough tree-roots that have been growing in your sewer line for years. We like to call them “wood roots”.

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