Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning

Kitchen sink drains are very important to everyone each and every day. We use kitchen sink drains and faucets repeatedly all day long without any thought of what is actually happening. What’s happening is the water and debris that is flowing down the drain pipes is actually over time building up grease all around the pipes and eventually will cause a back-up or solid clog. If you choose to put egg shells or peels of some sort down the drain it could clog immediately. Where will you notice this back-up? It could be in the sink itself or in the basement laundry tub or on the basement floor drain. This back-up is not allowing water or debris to pass through your sink pipes to make it to the sanitary sewer line. The sanitary sewer line carries the debris to the city sewer and away it goes.

People quickly think to pour down some type of chemicals when they notice a back-up or slow drain in the kitchen sink. This idea of pouring chemicals in a drain line isn’t correct and most of the time it won’t help the situation. Let’s say the chemical does work the first time but then clogs again, and what happens is that those chemicals you’re pouring down your drain line system are potentially destroying and weakening your pipes integrity. If the water and debris is clogged, the chemical is clogged in the line as well. What that means is that when a drain technician comes into your home and tries to snake or cable your line there is a possibility that the drain pipe will break or start to leak because of the chemical that has been sitting in there for a period of time.

When you’re cooking on an every day basis or for a large gathering at your home there is nothing more upsetting than encountering a clogged garbage disposal or kitchen sink.

Here are some foods that we suggest you DO NOT put down your garbage disposal:

Grease / oil / greasy food! Fibrous vegetables like potato, beet & carrot peels, onions. Egg shells. Rice. Raw meat. Bones. Nuts. Popcorn seeds. Coffee beans/grounds

If you are thinking about installing a new garbage disposal unit, please call us and book your appointment today.

Unless you have the proper tools to get the job done right, we hope you consider hiring a professional to remedy the situation before it worsens. From washing your greasy hands, to washing food and much more causes the pipes to clog over time. Build-up from all the daily debris that we truly don’t notice or realize is going down the drain. Your kitchen sink drain line might also be more susceptible to getting clogged based on how long your drain line is and how many piping bends it takes to get to where it needs to go. Updating your kitchen sink drain line before it rusts out might be a good idea to consider. Hiring a professional when you notice that your kitchen sink is moving slowly or is completely clogged is the way to go. At Ken’s Sewer Service we come out with professional grade equipment to get the job done right.

We clear the worst of any kitchen sink clogs. Whether we’re unclogging a potato or orange peel, to an unpleasant greasy drain line, we are here every step of the way. We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can earn your business and future business.