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It’s Sump Pump Season?

What do I mean by “It’s Sump Pump Season”? At the end of winter into spring we gets lots of melting due to the temperatures rising. Though we’re all happy the temperatures are rising lots of property owners experience water in their basements.

Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps

Test your sump pump each year before winter’s end.

Call Ken’s Sewer Service to set up your sump pump service call.

Don’t let your house flood.

Don’t Flood Your House

With the melting of snow on it’s way over the next couple weeks it’s crucial to have your sewer system professionally cleaned. Tree-roots that are in the sewer line restrict water flow from getting to the city sewer which means flooded basements. Roots are an on going maintenance that you need to stay on top of. Cleaning your sewer line and camera inspecting it will prove the condition of your sewer line. Making sure you know how to properly take care of your sewer line is essential to home ownership.

Unlike most things sewer lines is one that we can’t see and thus can cause serious severe damage to one’s property. Everyday we go into houses that have gotten flooded and we see lots of possessions ruined. Don’t let this happen to you it’s not a pretty sight.

Our goal as a company is to make homeowners aware of how to take care of situations that they may not be familiar with. Being in the plumbing an drain cleaning business since 1974 we understand the steps that should be taken. Cleaning a sewer line “professionally” with a well established company you can trust. Take a minute and read some of our testimonials.

Have fun with the Spring like weather right around the corner. Don’t let the weather get the best of your house/property. Take pride and call Ken’s Sewer Service today to set up your appointment.

Live professionals only a phone call away!

Snow Days for Plumbing Companies

Plumbing & drain cleaning is a very interesting field with all the different problems we come across each and every day. Clients ask us if were busier more at one time of the year then others. I think the answer is no, except for very cold winters like this one (2014). This has been an unusual winter being how cold it has been for long periods of time. Any building weather commercial, residential or industrial gets frozen pipes without knowing. It’s to hard to plan for when you might get a frozen pipe. All you can do it once you know you have one address the situation and call a local plumber you might know. The earlier you address the problem the easier it will be to repairs and get your drain flowing again. Same goes for if your water lines are frozen contact a plumber asap cause if the pipes bust you’ll have a bigger mess at hand.

Snow days for plumbing companies can be very hard and frustrating. This goes for any service company that has to come to your house to address the situation. From not having clients shoveled out and tracking through snow to having the roads move like a parking lot (which isn’t fast). Please consider when weather hits us with bad with especially snow to have your driveways and sidewalks cleared so our technicians don’t trip and injury themselves. Remember, your calling us to help you with a problem your having. Were not the bad guys, but only your rescuer.

Thanks again to all our clients that stick with us through good and bad weather.

Water Gambling?

Are you water gambling?

This phrase “water gambling” came to me in my sleep. I had a dream that I was wasting water from my bathroom sink faucet and that I received a bill that was out of this world. Everyone gambles their money in their own way. But what I don’t understand is why waste your money and our natural resources and on a simple fix?

It boggles my mind that when an individual has a plumbing problem they either act quickly to resolve it or they wait until they can’t stand it anymore (which at that point ends up costing more).

Wake up!

Plumbing issues in general don’t get better then only get worse. Ask yourself do we “humans” get better? The answer is sadly no. Sinks, toilets, bathtubs, faucets, sump pump, water heaters and softeners, and all drain lines break and need repair and some point. Individuals that try and tackle a plumbing or drain cleaning problem normally end up making the issue worse off. When your car breaks down you fix it, when your garage door doesn’t open anymore you fix it, when your refrigerator stops running you replace it, and when you have a pain that irritates you to know end you see a doctor. We receive several calls everyday from clients that have tried to repair there issue and they ended up just costing them more money.

If you want to go gamble for fun that’s fine but don’t “water gamble” your money away cause it goes fast.

Plumbing Repairs, Plumbing Installations, Drain Cleaning repairs and de-clogging, Camera sewer inspections to view the condition of your sewer system is all services we provide in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

1 Dollar 2 Dollar 3…

The start of a faucet dripping is the time to contact a plumber. We have to many calls each day with clients that say they have had a dripping or running water for weeks if not months. Last week we had a client with a water bill OVER $1,000 cause of unnecessary running water. Plumbers are in busy to help and fix problems before they worsen like this one. Ken’s Sewer Service is here to help you and get your water leak stopped and to make sure your water bills stay normal.

Toilets are another source of easily losing water and a fast rate without knowing. Any parts these days don’t last forever and should be replaced periodically. Toilets get used several times a day and the parts inside get worn out from time to time. If your smart and proactive you’ll get parts on your toilet replaced before an issue comes about. If our company (Ken’s Sewer Service) can’t service you that day you have an issue you’ll easily spend (3) three times our price. Our rates are fair and other plumbing companies aren’t. We get calls everyday from new clients saying who they’ve used before and their prices were “highway robbery”. Our prices are fair for anyone’s budget. We are lower then our competition and we know it. Remember, most important high a company that has a good reputation.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow money is hard to make and is hard earned. Don’t waste it being silly not fixing a water leak. Water leaks add up and they add up fast.

When is the proper time to video tape your sewer line?

You might ask why is having your sewer line inspected so important?

Lots of older homes have cast iron or clay sewer lines. Those lines are fifty plus years old. When it comes time to repair a sewer line due to breaks, cracks or a collapsed line, people tend to replace only the problem section. Normally you can get by only having a one spot repair made. Having a one spot repair might get you another fifty years use out of your sewer line. Not often does an entire sewer line need to get replaced.

The price from making a one spot repair vs. replacing the entire line is thousands. Lots of plumbing companies make money by convincing homeowners to replace their entire sewer line. If and when you go through this problem consult at least two plumbing companies before making any drastic decision. If this problem happens to you during a weekend or major holiday it’s cheaper to stay at a hotel or at a friends house for a couple of days while consulting with different plumbers.

Having a sewer video inspection tells the story of your sewer line. The camera will show hair line cracks, major breaks, roots, missing pipe, and of course a collapsed line. Most clients having their sewer line cleaned annually and ask for an inspection every couple years to see the change difference. Don’t let any plumbing company talk you into replacing any amount of pipe unless absolutely needed.
When going to buy or sell a property always get your sewer line cleaned and inspected for your own safety. Call Ken’s Sewer Service to set up a cleaning and sewer inspection for your line today.
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