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Washing machine hose plumbing pipes

Sometimes basements can be confusing as to all the plumbing. There are water lines and drain lines and they all intersect each other which can make them hard to follow and sometimes even harder to fix. New plumbing originally gets installed before anything else, so at that time it’s all easy to install. Plumbers most of the time work in hard conditions and very tight spaces. Knowing exactly what to do in case of a plumbing emergency is very important. Knowing how to turn off your water in your home is very crucial when in an emergency setting. Calling a plumber when having a plumbing problem is one thing. But knowing which plumber to call is a whole different issue.


Washing machine hoses need replacing every so often and old hoses will leak after some time. The worst part about plumbing leaks is that they can happen at anytime. Updating plumbing in your home is smart before a problem happens. Though you can’t plan for every disaster you can replace old plumbing that you know should be replaced. Contact your local plumber to have a walk though of your house today.

Ken’s Sewer Service handles all plumbing and drain cleaning projects. From 24 hour emergencies setting to unclogging a drain during regular business hours, Ken’s Sewer Service is here for you 24/7.

Large tree-roots retrieved from clients sewer lines.

Each and every sewer line we work on is different. No 2 sewer lines are the same. Though sewer lines might all have the same sort of debris or blockage they line itself breaks and bends in different ways. Tree roots are the number one cause of sewer back ups. By removing roots yearly from your sewer system you will save thousands from excavation costs.

Maintain your line and call Ken’s Sewer Service to schedule an appointment.
We save hundreds if not thousands of dollars for clients each week.

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Shakopee, MN – Plumbers For Toilet Repair

In Shakopee MN our company services may different plumbing and drain issues each and every day. From Unclogging toilet to getting those darn toilets to stop making so much noise. Our company unclogs all main drains and branch lines. Working in both commercial and residential properties. Our services our top notch and we treat each client with a fair price at the end of each service call.

Call Ken’s Sewer Service plumbing and drain cleaning company of Shakopee, MN to help out with any plumbing related issue. Were here for you every step of the way. Give us a chance at Ken’s Sewer Service today!

Unclogging drains and repairing.installing all plumbing fixtures is our specialty.

Have you ever experienced Tree-Roots in your sewer line, if so, call Ken’s Sewer Service today to get your line cleaned and viewed if you choose.

“Were here for you every step of the way”

Are your plumbing traps causing some frustration?

This customer tried pouring plumbing chemicals down their drain to try and unclog their pipes. We tell clients time and time again that no kind of chemicals should be poured down your plumbing pipes. Only harm will follow.

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Think about what this plumbing trap looks like, just imagine their entire pipe was full solid of hardened material. When undergoing a clogged drain your best bet is to hire a drain cleaning company. Leave plumbing and drain cleaning to the professionals.

Ken’s Sewer Service provides plumbing and drain cleaning to all cities in the Minneapolis – St. Paul great metro area. Servicing 40 different suburbs within a 25 mile radius of Minneapolis – St. Paul Boarder. Don’t let your drain pipes get as bad as the picture shown above and hire a plumber to come into your home once a year to perform routine maintenance.

Ken’s Sewer Service can’t wait to hear from you!

Laundry Tubs Repair

There are so many different types of laundry tubs to choose from.

Old cement laundry tubs are now being replaced with plastic tubs. The old cement laundry tubs clog up more and some people as well don’t like the sight of them. People I’d say these days like the new sleek look. When choosing laundry tubs you have to decide between a double or single tub. In some cases the space you have will decide for you. One load of laundry will only fill up 1 single laundry tub. Don’t feel like you need to get a double just cause you already have one. Maybe it’s time to go with a single laundry tub and save space for shelves or anything else.
When going to buying a laundry tub faucet the only rule I have is don’t buy cheap. Spend at least $150 on a laundry tub faucet. This is a faucet that will last for years.
Call Ken’s Sewer Service to break up your old laundry tubs, install your new tub and faucet or repair your existing ones.
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When is the proper time to video tape your sewer line?

You might ask why is having your sewer line inspected so important?

Lots of older homes have cast iron or clay sewer lines. Those lines are fifty plus years old. When it comes time to repair a sewer line due to breaks, cracks or a collapsed line, people tend to replace only the problem section. Normally you can get by only having a one spot repair made. Having a one spot repair might get you another fifty years use out of your sewer line. Not often does an entire sewer line need to get replaced.

The price from making a one spot repair vs. replacing the entire line is thousands. Lots of plumbing companies make money by convincing homeowners to replace their entire sewer line. If and when you go through this problem consult at least two plumbing companies before making any drastic decision. If this problem happens to you during a weekend or major holiday it’s cheaper to stay at a hotel or at a friends house for a couple of days while consulting with different plumbers.

Having a sewer video inspection tells the story of your sewer line. The camera will show hair line cracks, major breaks, roots, missing pipe, and of course a collapsed line. Most clients having their sewer line cleaned annually and ask for an inspection every couple years to see the change difference. Don’t let any plumbing company talk you into replacing any amount of pipe unless absolutely needed.
When going to buy or sell a property always get your sewer line cleaned and inspected for your own safety. Call Ken’s Sewer Service to set up a cleaning and sewer inspection for your line today.
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