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Plumbing installations for sinks and garbage disposals

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Installing a sink, faucet and garbage disposal make take some time but will be worth every penny you spend in the end to know the job is done right. Sure there will be maintenance throughout the years but that’s just like everything else in life. We all buy or lease cars knowing we have gas, insurance and minor repair expenses. Plumbing and drain cleaning is no different. Owning property is fun but their are expenses that need to be address every year. If you stay on top and are aware of what needs to be done you’ll be OK.

When installing a sink you need to make sure it’s secure and won’t leak or pivot. Sinks are anchored down with screws to the counter itself. Weather it’s a laminate or granite counter top the sink needs to properly secured. If your dealing with granite you’ll need to hire a professional granite counter guy. Cracking granite wouldn’t be much fun knowing how expensive granite sections are.

Once the sink in installed the faucet and any other accessories can be installed. The garbage disposal is another plumbing item that needs to be properly installed. Drain pipes of the garbage disposal need to be installed with the right pitch so there’s no back flow into ones dishwasher drain. We see all sorts of plumbing mistakes everyday with how garbage disposals are installed.

Why are urinals made so weak?

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Having a urinal isn’t always a luxury. Urinals are very necessary in commercial building but in residential homes their just not needed. The units alone don’t flush a ton of water and you can purchase low flushing toilets that produce the same results. Urinals tend up to clog more often then toilets cause of all the bizarre items we find in them. Today you can purchase a toilet that rarely gets clogged but costs a little more.


Commercial buildings are required to have one of two urinals in the men’s room. Though they are weak flushing and are headaches they are required.
When our company goes into residential homes to unclog or install a urinal, most the time were not sure why homeowner insist on having them. Being that our company works on urinals we know that they are extremely dirty and are not always pleasant to work on. But here at Ken’s Sewer Service we go the extra mile if we can.

The weak flushing urinal is because urine is the only substance suppose to go down the drain. Anything more will easily clog the drain inside the unit or further down the line. Working on urinals should be left to the professionals. They aren’t straight forward to when unclogging.
Ken’s Sewer Service installs and unclogs urinals weekly and is very familiar with working on them. Always hire a well trained, expierenced plumber when working on a urinal or any plumbing problem you may encounter.

It’s not a ‘Man’s World’ anymore

Take some time and look back on women in the plumbing industry. Read about the first women plumber. Hope you all enjoy.


The never ending question about toilets

People ask me everyday what kind of toilet should i buy. There are several different types of toilets, they may look the same but they don’t perform the same. One, make sure you get a toilet that flushes the most water possible. Second, just because the toilet is more expensive doesn’t mean it flushes better. Finally, invest in a good toilet seat cause you may not realize how long we actually spend on the toilet. Check out http://www.kensewer.com


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