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Wordless Wednesday!

Are you wasting good money?

Are you wasting good money?

Inside of a broken toilet in St. Louis Park, MN

When replacing one of our clients toilets we decided to take a picture of the insides.

toilet broke blog

Ken’s Sewer Service provides service for installing and repairing toilets in Minneapolis & St. Paul.

Clogged Kitchen Sink In Minneatonka, MN

Having a kitchen sink that is clogged is never good, but can easily get repaired if addressed with the right way. Step number one is to NEVER pour any kind of liquid cleaner or drain killer down the drain. Products that are store bought or home made do not work, they only cause more problems and costly ones I may add. Kitchen sink drain lines tend to have a couple bends in the line and will plug up over time. Unclogging a kitchen sink drain line is like having an oil change done on your car. If your gonna own property there are repairs and maintenance that will need to be done. Handle issues before they start.
Call Ken’s Sewer Service today and ask about home maintenance. Items like main sewer lines, floor drains, garage drains, kitchen sink drain lines, laundry tubs and other drain line need to get maintained yearly or problems will occur at the worst time possible. Your Minnetonka plumbing company is here for you 24 hours a day. Minnetonka plumbers are around on the weekends as well.
Ken’s Sewer Service of Minnetonka, MN where we offer 24 hour drain cleaning for your residential or commercial property.
No matter what the back up or clogged drain is call your local Minnetonka plumber and drain cleaning service today.
Kitchen sinks that are attached to garbage disposal units don’t end up clogged more. Unless the disposer unit is old, it’s normally the user that ends up clogging up the drain. Disposers are good to have and are very handy. Owning a garbage disposal myself as a plumber is one the my favorite appliances in my home.
Call your Minnetonka plumber today, Ken’s Sewer Service of Minnetonka is here for you.

Shakopee, MN – Plumbers For Toilet Repair

In Shakopee MN our company services may different plumbing and drain issues each and every day. From Unclogging toilet to getting those darn toilets to stop making so much noise. Our company unclogs all main drains and branch lines. Working in both commercial and residential properties. Our services our top notch and we treat each client with a fair price at the end of each service call.

Call Ken’s Sewer Service plumbing and drain cleaning company of Shakopee, MN to help out with any plumbing related issue. Were here for you every step of the way. Give us a chance at Ken’s Sewer Service today!

Unclogging drains and repairing.installing all plumbing fixtures is our specialty.

Have you ever experienced Tree-Roots in your sewer line, if so, call Ken’s Sewer Service today to get your line cleaned and viewed if you choose.

“Were here for you every step of the way”

Water leak in ceiling near heating duck

In the picture below you can see to repair this water line we had to cut out part of the heating system.

Water lines run all over behind walls and sometimes you have to cut through other material you didn’t plan cutting through. Plumbing is foreign until we can physically view what really needs to be repaired. This client of ours had water running through their ceiling so we had no choice but to cut the ceiling to view the water leak. Repairing most water leaks is very easy and straight forward. The hard part about plumbing is the small amount of room we have to work with. Another hard about plumbing is all the awkward angles we have to work with under sinks, in small access panel and tight spots in ceiling 20 feet above ground.
Leave plumbing up to the professionals to get repaired the proper way.
Call Ken’s Sewer Service to help out with any water leak and all plumbing problems.
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Wordless Wednesday!

Where does your raw sewage end up?

Watch the video below. Understand that this doesn’t happen everywhere.



Gator’s hanging out in the sewers?


Source for picture: http://www.vaguebuttrue.com/main/28

“NEW YORK, New York- Metro Water Works officials are again asking residents to not flush their exotic pets into the city’s sewer systems. “We end up losing a few sanitation workers to Post-Traumatic-Stress-Syndrome every year, after they open up a manhole and out comes a nine-foot alligator,” said Harris Goldberg. “Crocs and ‘gators may go down the toilet as little bitty things. But when our guys see ’em they are much bigger and really hacked off about having to live down there.”

Secrets of hiding sewer clean-out in your landscape?

Having a sewer clean-out in your landscape or yard isn’t that bad and is actually more convenient. If your main sewer line on your property ever requires digging or excavation in your yard or landscape, rule number 1 is to always have a clean-out installed wherever the hole may be. The reasoning behind having a clean-out installed outside is to make cleaning your sewer line easier and possibly having the chance at having a larger opening to get bigger blades in your sewer line. Hiding a clean-out in your landscape is easy and fun. When obstacles in life get in your way the chance at letting your brain become creative starts. Our company has seen nice bushes, flowers and potted plants all blocking the view of a sewer clean-out. Most the time clean-outs are flush with the ground so it’s not an eye sore like most people think it will be. Call Ken’s Sewer Service to install an outside opening clean-out or to have your sewer line professional cleaned and inspected to view the condition of your main sewer line before any issues arise.

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Wordless Wednesday!

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