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Plumbing installations for sinks and garbage disposals

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Installing a sink, faucet and garbage disposal make take some time but will be worth every penny you spend in the end to know the job is done right. Sure there will be maintenance throughout the years but that’s just like everything else in life. We all buy or lease cars knowing we have gas, insurance and minor repair expenses. Plumbing and drain cleaning is no different. Owning property is fun but their are expenses that need to be address every year. If you stay on top and are aware of what needs to be done you’ll be OK.

When installing a sink you need to make sure it’s secure and won’t leak or pivot. Sinks are anchored down with screws to the counter itself. Weather it’s a laminate or granite counter top the sink needs to properly secured. If your dealing with granite you’ll need to hire a professional granite counter guy. Cracking granite wouldn’t be much fun knowing how expensive granite sections are.

Once the sink in installed the faucet and any other accessories can be installed. The garbage disposal is another plumbing item that needs to be properly installed. Drain pipes of the garbage disposal need to be installed with the right pitch so there’s no back flow into ones dishwasher drain. We see all sorts of plumbing mistakes everyday with how garbage disposals are installed.

How smart are “smart cars”

Don’t think for a second by owning a smart car your in the clear. There are always pro’s and con’s to everything you purchase in life. Just make sure when buying a smart car the pro’s outweigh the con’s. Let’s dive in a take a look at some of the benefits to the smart car. Not only does a smart car get 40 mpg, but is also environmentally friendly as well. Did you know what 95% of the vehicle is recyclable materials from construction. Smart cars are so tiny they can basically park anywhere. The smart car is only nine feet long. That’s two feet shorter then the Mini Cooper. The car is so small they even found room to fit four airbags inside.

Now let’s go over some of the con’s. One of the biggest issue to owning a smart car is the limited space. If this car is your only dependent car that could be a problem at times. When moving items from one location to another your may have to rent a truck or count on a friend. The smart car is so small that it makes it hard for other vehicles to see you on the road. Cause it’s smaller it may be able to maneuver out of an accident that an SUV or truck couldn’t avoid. Cruise control unfortunately doesn’t come equipped in smart cars, yet. How smart is a smart car when family can’t drive together? If you plan on going on a road trip or even out to dinner a smart car won’t get you all their together.
Personally, I hope one day they invent the “Smart truck”, in the near future of course.

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Look what we found!

Below is a small amount of roots we found in a clients main sewer line. After their own handyman said he cleaned it look at what came out. Next time you go to clean your main sewer line hire a professional. Someone that doesn’t have the proper machine can’t do the right job. Have your main sewer line cleaned on maintenance and save some money in the long run.

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Faucet Aerator’s

Aerators are various devices used for aeration, or mixing air with another substance, such as soil or water.

Faucet Aerator’s are to control the amount of water coming out and to restrict where the water goes. Without aerator’s water would go everywhere. When replacing an aerator make sure you have the right model number for your faucet. Also, if you damage the aerator you might have to replace the entire faucet. Think about hiring a professional to handle the job. Some faucet’s don’t require an aerator. Kitchen sink faucets on the other hand must have an aerator to prevent any debris from entering into your drinking water. Lastly, without aerator’s it would take double the amount of water to wash your hands or take a shower.

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Granite sinks vs. Stainless Steel sinks

The battle between buying a granite or stainless steal sink.

When beginning to shop for a stainless steel sink or a granite sink which should it be you may ask yourself? There are many fantastic and bad quality features to each type of sink. For example, granite is very dependable & durable because it comes from one large piece of stone. Every piece of stone is a unique look and is different from the next. Granite also doesn’t stain easily and of course is heat-resistant. For a long time people have been skeptical about putting granite in their kitchens cause of their fragility. But “If you know how to care for your stone sink, it will last for a hundred years.”

Stainless steel sinks on the other hand have been around for ages. We all know how durable steel sinks are and how easy they are to clean up. Stainless Steel nicely blends with many color kitchens and are affordable for everyone’s budget. Stainless steel sinks don’t chip, stain, or tarnish. Just like granite sinks they are also heat resistant. Some of the defaults are that they scratch & get dull over time and of course are only available in one color. Granite kitchen sinks also have their flaws and one biggie is they can crack and expensive to replace. Weigh in your pro’s and con’s and I know you’ll make the right decision for yourself.

Some questions to ask yourself before purchasing any type of sink is:
• Do you want a sink with a single, double or even triple bowl?
• Do you want a sink that has a soap dispenser, or a hot water dispenser, or a
filtered water dispenser?
• How do you plan to mount your sink: top mount or under mount
• Do you want a sink that is built in to your counter top?
• How deep do you need your sink to be?
• Do you want something custom?


Granite Sink
stainless steel kitchen sink

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Ever wonder what you should do while waiting for a plumber?

There are some keys points to know while waiting for a plumber. First of all you should know where your main water shut-off valve is located. Below our two pictures of an old and new style shut-off valves. Second, know where your electrical box is located to be turned off if need be. Third, if your have a flood or leak in a certain area on a specific fixture turn off the shut-off valve that goes with that fixture. If you don’t have a shut-off valve on that fixture have a plumber install one. If there is no shut-off valve located on any one fixture make sure you go turn off the main water shut off valve immediately. This won’t solve the problem but it will be the best temporary fix before the professionals arrive. Have the plumbers help you locate all the shutoff valves in your home and have some labels to make life easier in the future. We hope all this information will help you in the future and to make a stressful situation less stressed.

Gate Valve


The never ending question about toilets

People ask me everyday what kind of toilet should i buy. There are several different types of toilets, they may look the same but they don’t perform the same. One, make sure you get a toilet that flushes the most water possible. Second, just because the toilet is more expensive doesn’t mean it flushes better. Finally, invest in a good toilet seat cause you may not realize how long we actually spend on the toilet. Check out http://www.kensewer.com


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