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Isn’t it a pain when a urinal gets clogged up

One of the dirtiest jobs in plumbing. Can you imagine cleaning a urinal in a commercial building that everyone uses.

Clogged backed up urinal

Clogged backed up urinal

When tackling cleaning and unclogging a urinal there are sometimes multiple way to perform this type of work. No matter how you clean a urinal it’s going to be a very dirty smelly drain cleaning job. Urinals are just like toilets, very breakable and must be handled with care from whomever is working on them. Once you get the urinal removed from the wall it sits on make sure to place down carefully. With the urinal removed from the wall you now have access to the drain itself. We’ve unclogged urinals in the first 5ft and sometimes we’ve had to run cables over 50ft cause the plumbing didn’t tie in for a while. Worst case scenario is hat you have to bring a jetter to open and remove hard built up calcium within the drain line.

Wordless Wednesday!

wordless wednesday

Sewer of a Broken Sewer Line

Main sewer line cleaning is so crucial so you can prolong having a sewer line excavated. Between having roots and other sorts of debris grow into one’s sewer line and having the ground shift drain cleaning is needed yearly. People who perform routine maintenance are better off then one’s that don’t.

Cracked sewer line

Broken Sewer Line

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Above & Beyond Plumbing Company

As often as time let’s me I like to write plumbing blogs about anything that comes to mind. Today’s blog is really about hiring a real plumbing and drain cleaning company and not just one’s that are gonna take advantage of you without you even knowing. A real down to earth plumbing company will go “above and beyond” what the average company will do. From the start.

Since late November after Thanksgiving the plumbing and drain cleaning industry has been extremely busy. Several companies are jammed packed with work 24 hours a day. Hiring a company that’s been around for several decades means and stands for something. Like our business were around cause were meant to be around. We treat the customer and situation right from the beginning. From the start when answering the phone and saying “sewer service how can I help you today” until we close with payment we do it right. Most companies just end after they get paid our company goes “above and beyond” but you’ll have to hire us to see what we do.

Ken’s Sewer Service handles plumbing and drain cleaning issues now for over 40 years and were proud of what we do and what we’ve accomplished. Our company has clients dating back to the 1970’s and they keep calling us cause we treat them right.

If your finding yourself in need a plumber call Ken’s Sewer Service today to get your leak stopped or your drains flowing downhill again. Call a family member or friend and chance are they might have even heard of our company cause we’ve been around for 40 years in the Twin Cities area.

Plumbing and Drain Cleaning is only a phone call away

Are you wasting good hard earned money?

This happens without you even knowing how much your spending. Try and use the proper toilet paper for your toilet. Some toilets and sewer systems aren’t strong enough to push all the thicker toilet paper to the city sewer. If your debris you put down your toilet doesn’t make it to the city sewer you’ll have more clogged drains more frequently. Ask yourself do you really want clogged drains?

Are you wasting good money?

Are you wasting good money?

Also, make sure you clean out your sewer system yearly to the city sewer line. Besides tree roots that grow in our sewer drain line, there is much more that accumulates in your sewer line and hardens. If you have a low dipped lie this is also a reason to properly clean your sewer system yearly.

When you hire a drain cleaning company how are you sure they clean to the city sewer?

It’s so important when you hire a sewer and drain cleaning company to unclog your drain line you make sure they rooter it all the way to the city sewer. I’ve heard time after time again that companies only open drain lines and not run the snake all the way to city sewer. If your sewer line is longer then 100ft long and the sewer company only runs one real chances are is that they only have 95ft total and won’t make it all the way to the city sewer. If your main sewer line is over 100ft and you know it, make sure you tell that to whatever company you hire. If you don’t know how long your sewer line is then the plumbing company that services you will find out. Call your local city public works department and find out information about your sewer line.

Cleaning several sewer lines each week it’s important to clean the entire length of the line. No two sewer lines are the same, each and every sewer line is different. Sewer lines shift at their own pace and move differently depending what’s around them. For example tree’s, sidewalks, hills, etc. Sewer lines do have to be camera inspected from time to time and the drain cleaner will bring that to your attention at that time.

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Most people clean or auger out their sewer lines once a year to maintain against heavy tree roots growing inside their line. This is very smart and most that perform annual maintenance are in good shape longer than those who don’t. Make sure that every 3-5 years you camera your sewer line to make sure the condition of your line is holding up. Digging or repairing any section of pipe in the winter costs more. If your reading this article and your from a warmer climate disregard the last sentence.

Ken’s Sewer Service has been around since 1974 which is now going on it’s 3rd generation. Trust a company that has been around for so long. Were here to only help you when in need. We hope to hear from you soon.

Cast Iron Sewer Drain Pipe Excelsior MN

When cities run smoke tests or a camera they can easily find out if your sewer line is broken. Tree-Roots, broken pipe, dirt, scale, foreign debris and everything else gets inside your private residential/commercial sewer drain system.


Cast iron Sewer Drain Pipe

Cast iron Sewer Drain Pipe

In this particular case the city ran a test before repairing the street and found out what residents had some sewer problem to address. This house in Excelsior, MN had water at times and smoke come up through the ground. Our company was called and went out to determine if there was a break in the sewer line and appropriately where. When we camera inspected the sewer line we indeed found a spot that was cracked and needed to be replaced. Lucky it was fairly shallow compared to most excavations.

Call for free quotes for excavating sewer lines. Ask us what our procedure is and how will we repair and solve your issue. No two (2) sewer lines in the city are the same but they all have one (1) thing in common, they break down and need repair. Repairing a sewer line isn’t fun and can be hard on the wallet but hiring the right company will save your thousands. Our company saves clients thousands of dollars every time a repair is made.

Never excavate until certainly proven. We look forward to hearing from you!

Commercial Restaurant Hand Washing Station In St. Louis Park MN

Our company repaired this expensive hand washing station so that the owners wouldn’t have to spend money on a new unit. We go above and beyond to find parts that weren’t at local plumbing supply houses. We have found commercial parts in other countries to repair plumbing faucets and sinks.

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Bathroom Sink Flowing Water Down The Drain

Unclogging drain lines is the first step. The second step is watching the drain flow nicely once your have removed the stuck object from the drain.

Weather it’s a deep hair clog or a stuck object on the plumbing line. Our company Ken’s Sewer Service can handle your drain clog emergency.