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Wordless Wednesday!

Are you wasting good money?

Are you wasting good money?

Do you own real estate and live out of town?

If you own real estate and live out of town you have to be on top of your game.
Property is worth money and you don’t want disasters to happen if they can be prevented. Make sure to have a run down list that you check off yearly for all your rental properties. By neglecting your main sewer line, drippy faucets, furnace and more you can 100% be prepared for larger bills in the future.
Let’s try and keep your cost as low as possible.
Call Ken’s Sewer Service to help with all your plumbing drain and sewer cleaning needs. Being in business since 1974 we know what needs to get done yearly.
We treat out of town owners with respect and honestly. Check out yelp, angie’s list and our testimonial page.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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Waste water treatment plants

Easy to read map of a waste water treatment plant. People are sometimes curious as to where debris goes when it exits their homes. Some people might think once they flush and put something down their drains it’s magically gone, well think again. Lots of hard work goes into separating sewage and water. Water that we use is recycled and we eventually use it again.

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Wordless Wednesday!

“yeah! in a fancy and expensive restaurant with an amazing view on the Slovak capital Bratislava 100 m high over the Danube river.”

replacing drain or water lines

Just because your drain pipe get routed away or a water line has a pin hole leak doesn’t mean the entire line needs to be replaced. There are some extreme cases where your line may have to be 100% replaced but most the time your only replacing a section. Plumbers that want to replace your entire water or drain line sometimes do it just to make more money on the job. You can’t trust everybody out there now a days. Even companies prices are false. They say one price and by the end it’s totally higher. Don’t get caught up in large company scams. Check out our website http://www.kensewer.com for all the services we offer and products we sell.