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Ballvalve Cracked


In the life of a plumbing and drain cleaning business we see pictures like the above almost on a daily basis. When this happens outside a property it becomes less of an emergency but is still crucial to repair in a timely manner. But when a valve breaks like this inside a house you can expect a flood of you aren’t home or don’t notice this. Many times it happens when at work or when on vacation. The problem is you never know when the next pipe may break.

Knowing who you can call in case of an emergency is sometimes the best you can do.

Trench Drains Clogged?

Several times a year, if you have a drain that looks like the below you’ll have to clean it out before it creates a major flood. Debris of all sorts gets down these drains and clogs them up.

Drain Cleaning Trench Drains

Drain Cleaning Trench Drains

If you need a trench drain cleaned please call us today.
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Changing Toilets

Toilets have changed gallon they flush in the last several years. Older toilet are better for not getting clogged due to more water flushing. Less water flushing simply equals more chance of clogged a toilet. Low flow toilets don’t just clog up your toilet more but it also can clog branch drain lines and sanitary main sewer lines. The reason is simply, they flush less water.

low flushing toilet

low flushing toilet

What can you do to make sure your low flow toilet doesn’t clog as often. Number one you might have to flush a couple times while in the bathroom. Number two, use less toilet paper, and lastly use thinner toilet paper. Clients who own cabins and are on septic tanks use septic safe toilet paper. I’ve been in lots of cabins that also use low flow toilets. If you are one that ends up clogging your toilet often and you find yourself plunging time after time maybe consider buying and investing in a power flush toilet. The toilet flushes less water but uses power behind it and give it a boost.

Please if you have questions about low flow toilets or want a power flush toilet installed call us today!

Object in Toilets caused a clogged drain

Toilet Object in Drain

Toilet Object in Drain

It’s always fascinating to see what our company finds from unclogging toilets each and every day. I don’t understand why people flush debris down a toilet that doesn’t belong. In the picture above we found a plastic cup. Why would someone think it would be an intelligent idea to flush a cup. Either way Ken’s Sewer Service is here for you weather you have a clogged toilet or have a basement that is flooding. Call us for all your plumbing and drain cleaning needs.

Plumbing Commercial Mop Sinks

Commercial drains tend to get back up and plugged often cause of foreign debris that goes down the drain. Not everything can be expected to get down the drain and not clog up.

Arden Hills Minnesota Sewer Tree Roots

Arden Hills Minnesota Sewer Tree Roots

This is a commercial mop sink or also called slop sinks. Reason for the slop is because of how it it sounds, it’s messy and very dirty and sloppy. Think of cleaning a commercial store and dumping out anything and everything that gets into the bucket. We have found some interested objects in these lines. Mop sinks are typically only in commercial store settings. When the floor is cleaned everything is dumped down this drain. Being a drain cleaner is a very pleasing job being that we help customers all day long. When someone calls a plumber and drain cleaner to come unclog or unplug their drain, when they see it opening up and draining they get so happy. It’s also refreshing to know that were helping out individuals getting them back up and working.

Plumbing and drain cleaning service calls come in 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our job is communicate correctly the issue at hand. 90% of the time we can determine over the phone how severe the plumbing problem is. Most the time once we calm down the client over the phone everything flows wonderful from there. We’re very good at talking about the problem cause we’ve seen so much each and every day. Being around since 1974 is a long time.

Leave plumbing to the pros especially if their are dangerous chemicals and smells involved.

Toilet + Clog + Doesn’t Drain

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Commercial toilets seem to be the most powerful in the industry but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one at your own house. Power flush toilets can either be a Sloan or Zurn flushing toilets or a true air + water flushing toilets. Power toilets are louder but they don’t clog up that often like your own residential gravity flushing toilet.

Years ago 3.6 gallon flushing toilets went to 1.6 gallon flushing toilets. Yes, they sell toilets flush 2 gallons less water. So naturally they clog and block up more then back in the day. What I find even more interested is that on top of having only 1/6 gallons of water to flush they also sell toilets that are called power saver toilets. Power saver toilets are toilets that flush only half or less of the 1.6 gallons.

There are still good flushing gravity flushing toilets out there to purchase but you’ll easily spend over $250 for a toilet. Be careful and treat your toilet with respect. It’s not cheap to replace a new one.

Ken’s Sewer Service installs, repairs and replaces all toilet and every brand. If your in the market for buying a new toilet call Ken’s Sewer and will guide you in the right direction for what to purchase and will also set up an appointment to install it.

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Commercial Sloan Wall Mount Toilet

Commercial Sloan Wall Mount Toilet

Wordless Wednesday!

Are you wasting good money?

Are you wasting good money?

Inside of one style toilet tank

No matter the kind of toilet, if the inside of the tank isn’t install and set up properly clogs and issues will happen often.

Call a plumber today if your toilet makes noises like hisses or hums or even a hammering water line loud noise. If you toilet or throne runs from time to time longer then expected or is clogged call Ken’s Sewer Service for assistance.

Inside of a toilet tank

Inside of a toilet tank

Bathroom Sink Flowing Water Down The Drain

Unclogging drain lines is the first step. The second step is watching the drain flow nicely once your have removed the stuck object from the drain.

Weather it’s a deep hair clog or a stuck object on the plumbing line. Our company Ken’s Sewer Service can handle your drain clog emergency.

Frozen outside exterior water source (sillcock)

This picture to me is just fascinating to me. Our company had a client that had a drippy outside exterior sillcock/hose bib and this is what happens. Temperatures in the negatives will cause this to happen to you if your faucet isn’t sealed tight. If your faucets drips before winter get it repaired and replaced so this doesn’t cause you major damage. All it takes is 32 degrees and colder to really make this happen.


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In the winter time walk around your property once a week. You never know what bizarre things are might find and what needs addressing ASAP. Be aware of what you have and what can possibly go wrong in the different temperature changes. If this pipe was not caught it time it would have possibly busted and leaked inside causing a huge mess and possibly major expense.
Flooding in or around your property can lead to major issues including mold.

Create a check list of items to check weekly in your home.

For example:
1. Water meter – Make sure your water meter is properly working and not running unnecessarily.
2. Check your heat settings – Make sure your furnace is working to par.
3. Water lines – Check your basement water lines to make sure there is no pin hole leaks
4. Outside Water Faucets – In the winter especially make sure their is no dripping.

If your experiencing drippy anywhere in your house for example from your sinks, tubs or toilets get that item repaired and looked at right away. Dripping and wasted water adds up on your monthly water bill.

If you have experienced any major plumbing issue please write back and share with us your stories. We’d like to hear from you.

Don’t get surprised and left out in the cold