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Massive Tree Roots


From time to time to catch a great view of what tree roots look like in a sewer line. As you can tell in the picture above these tree roots fully took over the sewer line. When this happens the only way to remove them is to excavate which isn’t a cheap process. It takes a team of good technicians and expensive equipment to solve these types of problems. Once we remove the tree roots depending on how much work needs to be done with the sewer line to get it up to par and functioning properly we recommend cleaning your sewer line yearly.

If you see this image please pass along to a friend so they have the chance to clean and camera inspect their sewer line before they get into this problem.

Tree roots aren’t your friend and they only can harm you’re sewer line.

Don’t Flood Your House

With the melting of snow on it’s way over the next couple weeks it’s crucial to have your sewer system professionally cleaned. Tree-roots that are in the sewer line restrict water flow from getting to the city sewer which means flooded basements. Roots are an on going maintenance that you need to stay on top of. Cleaning your sewer line and camera inspecting it will prove the condition of your sewer line. Making sure you know how to properly take care of your sewer line is essential to home ownership.

Unlike most things sewer lines is one that we can’t see and thus can cause serious severe damage to one’s property. Everyday we go into houses that have gotten flooded and we see lots of possessions ruined. Don’t let this happen to you it’s not a pretty sight.

Our goal as a company is to make homeowners aware of how to take care of situations that they may not be familiar with. Being in the plumbing an drain cleaning business since 1974 we understand the steps that should be taken. Cleaning a sewer line “professionally” with a well established company you can trust. Take a minute and read some of our testimonials.

Have fun with the Spring like weather right around the corner. Don’t let the weather get the best of your house/property. Take pride and call Ken’s Sewer Service today to set up your appointment.

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Snow Days for Plumbing Companies

Plumbing & drain cleaning is a very interesting field with all the different problems we come across each and every day. Clients ask us if were busier more at one time of the year then others. I think the answer is no, except for very cold winters like this one (2014). This has been an unusual winter being how cold it has been for long periods of time. Any building weather commercial, residential or industrial gets frozen pipes without knowing. It’s to hard to plan for when you might get a frozen pipe. All you can do it once you know you have one address the situation and call a local plumber you might know. The earlier you address the problem the easier it will be to repairs and get your drain flowing again. Same goes for if your water lines are frozen contact a plumber asap cause if the pipes bust you’ll have a bigger mess at hand.

Snow days for plumbing companies can be very hard and frustrating. This goes for any service company that has to come to your house to address the situation. From not having clients shoveled out and tracking through snow to having the roads move like a parking lot (which isn’t fast). Please consider when weather hits us with bad with especially snow to have your driveways and sidewalks cleared so our technicians don’t trip and injury themselves. Remember, your calling us to help you with a problem your having. Were not the bad guys, but only your rescuer.

Thanks again to all our clients that stick with us through good and bad weather.

Sewer Line Excavation Hourly Rate

When planning and gathering all the information you need before excavating is very crucial. The only part of the whole process you can control is who you hire. Making sure you know exactly what will be done is important. Don’t get left in the blind side when your hiring a company to dig and repair a portion of your sewer line. Understand though that more work may need to be done after the first cracked/broken tile is repaired.

These are some reasons you may want to repair a section of your main sewer line system.

1. Two (2) different knowledgeable technicians have spent adequate time cleaning and trying to open your sewer system

2. A camera device went down your sewer line and the picture proved that your sewer line needs repair in that area. Remember just cause a camera shows a cracked tile, this doesn’t mean you have to dig now. Sometimes you should gather 2 different opinions.

3. Your sewer line is holding water and is gradually dipping back towards the inside of your home. Low spots in sewer lines can cause back-ups more often then your think. Following water to the street is very important.

Most plumbing companies that excavate will give you a price for a certain amount of hours and men. After that quote they will charge by the hour. Make sure you know the up front hourly cost before they start. Do your own Due-diligence.

Most sewer lines these days are old but can still last fine with proper drain cleaning once a year from a professional drain technician. Cleaning your sewer line each and every year can make your sewer line last longer. Camera your line every couple years and see the condition of your line. Just cause a company tells you to excavate your sewer line THAT doesn’t at all mean you have to.

Hire a company that’s trustworthy and willing to talk you though the process instead of a rushy plumbing company that just wants your money.

Hire Ken’s Sewer Service to handle all your drain cleaning, plumbing and excavation needs.

Looking forward to handling your next drain issue.

Best rated Minnetonka MN plumbing main drain cleaning company

In Minnetonka MN were a local plumbing and drain cleaning company. We specialize in clogged drains and water leaks. Everyday our company repairs clogged sewer lines and water leaks. Minnetonka plumbers and Minnetonka plumbing company is here for you when you need us most. Make sure to schedule an appointment ASAP to make sure you get on the list. 98% of jobs that call in by 10am we get done that same day. Being that our company has been around since 1974 we have a large client base and we get booked.

Don’t get left with a flood in your basement or water leaking. Hire your local Minnetonka MN plumber today. Were an honest small plumbing operation. Are prices are fair and affordable for everyone’s budget. Minnetonka MN has many plumbing problems each and everyday and we hope you give our company a chance at solving and repairing your plumbing issue.

In today’s world there are many plumbing companies that are dishonest with plumbing and drain cleaning. Hire a company that has served your city for over 39 years. Make sure you hire a plumber that is honest and loyal. If and when there is a further issue with your plumbing making sure the plumber and plumbing company you hired can lead you in the right direction is very crucial.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Why do water leaks come on so suddenly?

Ever have a water leak happen at night or worse on a holiday weekend? Ask yourself if you have ever had a plumbing problem at the worse possible time? If you have said yes to either one the questions above please take time and read below.


When going about of owning a house remember their are problems that go wrong. Most the time owning a property is fun but their are the times were you sulk your head. In life you need to be on top of issues before they start. The next time your in your basement look around closely at your plumbing. Check out to see what color your copper pipes are. If their turning green call your local plumbing company. The next test you can do is touching and lightly squeezing on your copper pipes. If you feel that you can push through and or flatten your plumbing pipe call a plumber.
Water leaks aren’t fun to encounter and can be very costly. No matter what time a water leak starts it’s never fun. Preventing water leaks before they start is the way to address the issue.
Ken’s Sewer Service repairs all plumbing and drain cleaning. Next time your having a water leak or a drain that seems to be clogged call Ken’s Sewer Service to handle your plumbing problem.
Ken’s Sewer Service handles all plumbing and drain cleaning problems in Minneapolis St. Paul and surrounding suburbs. Our company handles broken water pipes to unclogging your main sewer line and removing tree roots from your line.
No matter what the issue Ken’s Sewer Service is here for you. Set up an appointment today before the plumbing leak comes about.

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Is your main sewer clean out in a terrible spot?

Main sewer lines sometimes can be in the worst possible spots when having a clogged drain. When houses get built most the time builders don’t think about having a clogged drain to deal with. Placement of a main sewer line should be thought about ahead of time. Stack lines and front floor clean outs should be both easily accessible for cleaning/snaking.
I’ve seen basements built that have stack pipes right in the center of the basement which is great. What they didn’t plan for is that the bathroom would be around the stack and that the opening would face the wrong way.
Cleaning drains is very important. Drains do back up and there’s no way to prevent this. Chemicals is known to be terrible for the drains and pipes. More problems will occur if you use chemicals weather store bought or home made. Snaking drains is the only way to clean and push the clog out the pipe.
Ken’s Sewer Service has been working on drains and all sorts of plumbing for over 35 years. Were good at what we do!
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Don’t neglect your sewer line

People tend not to know the right time to properly clean their sewer line. The answer is obvious, before you start seeing any sort of back-up. Most people aren’t thinking about their sewer line from year-to-year and only clean it when a flood starts. Well that’s entirely wrong. Once a back-up has occurred your already to late. You don’t want to get stuck paying extra for emergency service calls.

Clients that have encountered a sewage back-up in the past end up signing up for annual sewer preventative maintenance. Waiting until a back-up occur ends up taking more time and costing more. The longer you wait, the larger the tree-root growth gets.

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The number one cause of sewer line back-ups is due to tree-roots. Tree root intrusion with make their way into your sewer system and keep growing. By performing annual maintenance this will slow down the root growth process from spreading your sewer line apart. Weather you think it or not debris grows in your sewer line. Having a vacant house is even worse then living there. Daily flowing water is great for a sewer system, otherwise you have a chance that your sewer line will dry out.

Sewer lines that have roots will end up shifting your pipe apart slowly. Eventually, breaking your pipe apart.

By scheduling maintenance on your sewer line annually this will slow down the process of your pipe from collapsing. Once your pipe crushes down you’ll be forced to excavate your yard and repair that spot. This typically happens when you least expect it. The price of repairing a sewer line is costly so make sure you clean your sewer system.

Call Ken’s Sewer Service today to clean your sewer line and have it inspected with our camera to see the condition. Don’t neglect your main sewer line any longer.

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Montreal Sewer System

Sewers that are large enough to walk in comfortably are exceedingly rare. Examples like the Montreal sewer are pretty unusual, so use them sparingly, if at all.

Source: http://www.clanofthegraywolf.com/engineer-dm-better-fantasy-sewers