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Unclogging a Kitchen Sink

This is a glimpse of the work our company does to unclog kitchen sinks. The machine we are using in the video is called a Ken-Way Jr.
We also sell the Ken-Way brand.
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It is time for back to school shopping?

Back to school shopping each year should be fun and exciting. If you dread going to get new clothes and school supplies it’s a bummer from the start. When going back to school, make it fun and make sure you have a check list so you don’t leave anything out.

Sewer line tree roots

Sewer line tree roots

One thing most people forget to do is cleaning their sewer lines. This summer has been an all time high for excavating main sewer lines. What homeowners need to understand is that new clothes and supplies might cost several hundred dollars depending on how many kids you have, but repairing a small section of broken sewer pipe already puts you at $2500 and up.

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Choosing the Right Whirlpool Bathtub

People that remodel always have the fun option to pick out there own personal whirlpool. When make such a decision and take your time. If you feel pressured into such a long and expensive decision your making the wrong choice. Listen to your inner ear when shopping. Some key point about going forth with buying a whirlpool type bathtub instead of a normal bathtub. One, make sure once you find a style to get the specs and have a plumber over to see if this tub will fit. it needs to be plumbing friendly or its the wrong tub. Second, make sure the floor can hold the tub. Heavy whirlpool tubs need a reinforcement floor added. Third, Have fun shopping and good luck.


Don’t waste natural water

People think that when there faucet starts to drip and a toilet start to run that maybe it will fix itself. Honestly, there wrong to think that. When i toilet start to run it’s a problem that should be address ASAP. Toilet leaks waste thousands of gallons of water and might even ruin your home. A drippy faucet adds up as well. Stop getting these high water bills from the city and get your drip address now. I sure know what I would do with the extra cash, do you?

Here are some figures:
“The average cost per gallon of water across the US is $0.002. (“In Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, AZ, tap water costs about $.001 per gallon. In Tucson, AZ, tap water costs about $0.0025 per gallon. It Pittsburgh, PA, Washington, DC, Boston, MA, and other east
coast cities, water costs around $.001. The average cost of water in
Los Angeles, California is about $0.004 per gallon.”)

That would mean 14 days X 24 hours X 60 minutes X 2 gallons = 40,320

At .002 cents per gallon, that comes to $80.64.”
“posted by Fuzzy Skinner”

Let’s all try and help out the world.


Hope you enjoy!