Clogged Kitchen Sink In Minneatonka, MN

Having a kitchen sink that is clogged is never good, but can easily get repaired if addressed with the right way. Step number one is to NEVER pour any kind of liquid cleaner or drain killer down the drain. Products that are store bought or home made do not work, they only cause more problems and costly ones I may add. Kitchen sink drain lines tend to have a couple bends in the line and will plug up over time. Unclogging a kitchen sink drain line is like having an oil change done on your car. If your gonna own property there are repairs and maintenance that will need to be done. Handle issues before they start.
Call Ken’s Sewer Service today and ask about home maintenance. Items like main sewer lines, floor drains, garage drains, kitchen sink drain lines, laundry tubs and other drain line need to get maintained yearly or problems will occur at the worst time possible. Your Minnetonka plumbing company is here for you 24 hours a day. Minnetonka plumbers are around on the weekends as well.
Ken’s Sewer Service of Minnetonka, MN where we offer 24 hour drain cleaning for your residential or commercial property.
No matter what the back up or clogged drain is call your local Minnetonka plumber and drain cleaning service today.
Kitchen sinks that are attached to garbage disposal units don’t end up clogged more. Unless the disposer unit is old, it’s normally the user that ends up clogging up the drain. Disposers are good to have and are very handy. Owning a garbage disposal myself as a plumber is one the my favorite appliances in my home.
Call your Minnetonka plumber today, Ken’s Sewer Service of Minnetonka is here for you.

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