Can sump pumps be enemies towards our home?

In Minnesota we are fortunate enough to get down-pouring rains in the Spring & Summer. Don’t get me wrong, rain is good when it comes down light and lasts several hours. But when we get down-pouring rains where you can barely see your neighbors house I classify those as severe storms. Our ground can only handle so much water at a time and then the land starts to flood. When this happens around our houses we end up having so much ground water it miraculously starts coming up right through our cement basement floors, or will start coming in threw your foundation.

Make sure if you have a drain tile system it’s working and not clogged. Second make sure your sump pump works and isn’t to old. You wouldn’t want your sump pump dying in the middle of a heavy rain fall. This past week our company has helped several flooded homes due to their failure of sump pumps. Once water starts coming up through your cement there’s really no way to stop it. All you can do it watch and plan for the future of how you will prevent this from happening again.

Call Ken’s Sewer Service today to install your new sump pump. Having water come up in your basement is devastating and is just horrible to witness knowing there’s nothing you can do except start vacuuming up the access water.

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