Kitchen sink drains

Most every property has a kitchen sink drain line. Some have older pipes and others are newer plastic pipes. But they all have one thing in common, they all get used heavily and they all end up getting clogged at some point in time.

Clients ask me all the time, is it good or bad to have a garbage disposal. I tell my client if you do not treat the garbage disposal like a trash can and you know how to properly use the garbage disposal then it’s a great amenity for your kitchen. I tell all my clients the same answer.

Whether you have a garbage disposal unit or not you’re kitchen sink drain line will get clogged up time to time. Clients also ask me if it’s a good idea to have their kitchen sink drain lines snaked out and cleaned time to time on maintenance. I explain to my client that a drain pipe gets used and they get very greasy and sludgy and that it’s a good idea to get them flushed and snaked before a clog happens. This will also make it a easier fix if your drain line does get clogged in the future.

If you want to schedule a kitchen sink drain line cleaning on maintenance or if you happen to have a slow draining or clogged kitchen sink drain line please call us today.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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